Friday, June 25, 2010

Sticky Glue

Recently, Grace has become really really sticky to me. Sticky to an extend of:

Mummy: Let's buy a bottle of glue, put some on my arms and some on your arms, then stick both of us together. Ok or not?
Grace: node her head eagerly......

Sigh...sigh..sigh...I guess the reasons for becoming so sticky are:
1) Long school holiday...2 weeks and she was with me most of the time during the 2 weeks
2) Being sick and now recovering from her bronchitis
3) (this being the main reason)......she must be thinking..."my 'having mummy to myself time' is ending sister is gonna intrude SOON...."

Bless her little heart...."Mummy is going to love you as much!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It has been a very long time since I last updated my blog. Have been busy. I'm clearing cobweb as I am typing this....hehheee...

Yesterday Grace came back, from her first day of school after a 2-week school holiday, with a surprise! It was this,

What it is for?

Well, before the school holidays, each kid, with the help of their parents, was asked to make a Sweet D.I.Y Gift for their teacher. And we, made this (so so sorry for the blur photos, I was in a hurry)

It's a mini album, with a few of the photos taken in school. It spells out, "To my Teacher Khoo, You give us JOY, FUN, CARE, LOVE. I *heart* U Teacher Khoo. Grace". The mini album features, Grace's special deckled heart, a hand-drawn photo of teacher and friends (I love this one the most). Besides, I let Grace stamp the alphabets with Versamark Ink and then she coloured them with Decorative Chalk. And it was all her work in decorating the pages. She even helped in putting in the eyelets. Finally, I made a cute little gift bag for the mini album to go in.

One thing I noticed was, little kids don't like to have their decorations overlap the photos, even those white spaces like wall, table or hand. We had some time arguing about that point, but mostly, I let Grace make her own decision (but she gave in to me...hehhee..).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me...... is my birthday, and yes I'm getting another year older...sigh

Well, Grace was unwell during the weekend, but we still managed to squeeze in a birthday dinner on Sunday night.

The dinner was at Suffolk House Restaurant....a last minute arrangement, and by the way, was by myself....sigh again....

The dinner was superb, good food, good ambiance, err....let's not talk about the price....

Grace was being very nice that night. We got through the dinner (it was a set dinner) without any fuss from her, that being mummy was prepared with papers and pen for her to get busy on. She even got a compliment by a foreign couple for being so well-behave.

Thanks dear, an undisturbed dinner (or meal time) is all I want need for expensive gifts, a good and well-behaved daughter is the best gift!