Thursday, February 25, 2010

弟弟 or 妹妹

(translates to little brother {di di} or little sister {mei mei})

Well, this remains a mystery until yesterday, when we finally get to see......

In the very beginning of this pregnancy, we did check with Grace whether she wants a little brother or a little sister. Her answer is always, "我要弟弟" (I want a little brother). And since, she will refer to the baby in the tummy as 弟弟.

When I had my first ultrasound scan, Grace showed her grandma (my mom) the print out. My mom jokingly asked her, "So, is it a little brother or little sister?". And she answered firmly, "It's a little brother!". Since, we joked about her having the best technology of all, i.e. could tell the gender when the little one is so, so, so tiny....

Grace even wants to name the little brother, 钱佳钱 (sounds "qian jia qian"). You see, the surname
钱 means money, and the 佳 here, though not the exact word, but sounds like another Chinese word which means, plus or add. So, there you have it, the little brother by the name of "Money ADD Money" wahahaha..

So, is Grace's technology better than the technology we have right now?

Well....let's just say we don't have much shopping to do. The second one could use all the pass-me-down.......

So, is it 弟弟 or 妹妹?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1st Excursion

3 months of school, and today Grace gets her first excursion. It's a Chinese New Year celebration with the old folks at an old folks home.

It was a great time for the children to learn to share and give rather than just receive during this festive season. There were lion dance, drama performance, CNY songs performance and all these were performed by just the kindy kids! Grace is involved in the CNY songs and dance.

Well, parents are required to prepare at least 5 "Ang Pows" (red packets), 5 mandarin oranges (for their kids to give to the old folks), some light snack (I prepared tuna and egg sandwiches) and dress up their kids in RED.

Grace was rather excited for this excursion and I could very easily get her to wake up this morning. Just told her, "If you're late, you are gonna miss the lion dance". She heard that, and the next moment, she's up. hehehehe......

I also taught her to say "新年快乐" and "耶稣爱你" (happy new year and Jesus loves you) to the old folks when she's giving them the "ang pows". After the event, she told me she did as I told her to. But only she, the old folk and God know......

Oh.....parents were not allowed at the event......and Grace keep reminding me that.... "Mummy, you just drop me there then you go home. You cannot go.".......sigh

And so, I dressed her up for the occasion and to my surprise, she won the Best Costume Prize......

And here's the little China Doll.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

The urge to craft is getting stronger....

I think I'm recovering from my morning sickness.....the urge and itch to get crafty is back and I've been crafting and crafting and crafting while Grace is away at school.

I made a Birthday Book. Got this idea from a magazine and thought it will be really nice. However, though I'm a card maker, I don't have too many birthdays to remember, so I made one for my church Young Adult fellowship, of which I'm also supplying handmade cards.

Then I made 4 birthday cards also for the Young Adult fellowship.

One day while I'm finishing off my cards, Grace stood beside me and made these. Impressive!

Fancy some cute, silly, removable tattoo?

If the answer is "YES", then let me introduce you to one crazy little tattoo artist right here in my home.

When you pair up a very sleepy mummy with a very active (still, please it was 10pm) little maniac girl, this is the end result.

And, yes...that's my very fat arm and leg.