Friday, November 19, 2010

The happiest girl on earth Grace Chee!!!

It is not her birthday yet, not for another week, but it was the last day of school today! So, she had to have her birthday celebration at school today! She insisted months before today. And so, I have it arranged.

The princess cake below is a surprise for her. I initially wanted to order a flower cake from coffee bean, but I was too late in making the order, hence I have to order from another cake house. I believe she was super surprise and happy when she sees the princess cake.

And of course, the crafty mummy needs to handmade something for her friend-friend! We call it....Happy Bag.

I was searching high and low for plain paper bag so that I can make that "happy"/"silly" face with the bags, but was in vain. So, as the creative person I am (ahem..hahaha), I resorted into making my own bags. I luv the results and the teachers (and of course my little girl) told me that it brought lots of fun for the kids!

Enough of's the happiest girl and the "nicest" (grin..grin) Happy Bag!

the birthday girl...(for privacy reason, I have to blank out her friend's face)

the girls

the boys
a peep inside
the giant lollipop

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Lion Sleeps tonight

....yes, the lion can now sleeps soundly.....she'd just completed a great task.....being the lion!

I must warn you, this is a photo heavy post.....I'll let the photos tell you about this lion.

the lion making the entrance

the lion on the stage, singing and dancing to the song Waka Waka
the lion sleeping on the stage
sleeping or peeping?

spot the lion's tail?

daddy in action
the joy in the lion seeing the moving "earth"
see her friend tries to avoid the lion's mane

my girl, serving me food

here's the close-up of the lion's tail

Friday, November 12, 2010

World Traveller Printer's Tray.....Revealed

My brother recently moved to a very beautiful new place and I've yet to buy any gift for him, so I made him something for him to display in his living room.

I was inspired after reading her blog and wanted to make some kind of a display for my brother. Coupled with the fact that my brother had travelled to many countries around the world, for leisure and for business, I came out with this.....World Traveller Printer's Tray.

This is my first try on printer's tray and something with a Vintage feel. Daniel, I hope you like it! (crafter, scroll down for the list of materials used)

upper portion of the tray
lower portion of the tray
some of the closeup

I like this tag the most. The background is a segment of my brother's passport which I requested him to photograph for me. I edited it in power point, printed it on a white card stock, applied Vintage Photo distress ink, stamped the wordings.

Materials used: Tray: 7gypsies; Cardstock: The Paper Company; Patterned paper: Basic Grey; Tags: 7gypsies; Alphabets: Cosmo Cricket (stickers), Darkroom Door (stamped); Stickers: K&Company; 3D/Metal embellishment: Making Memories, Blue moon; Travel souvenir; coins; Rhinestones: Kaisercraft; Photos: Daniel Ng

Monday, November 8, 2010

How to enjoy your fingers....

**little Elise blogging today (with mummy's help of course) caught me. Alright, I'll show you the step-by-step (with photo illustration) to enjoy your fingers.
First, ask your mummy to prop you up with some pillows. Then bring both of your hands together (just like how you do when saying "gong xi, gong xi" during Chinese New Year).
Then, concentrating hard, bring both of the hands towards your mouth.
You really must concentrate hard (notice my eyes?). you have your hands in/ near your mouth.
It is now time to enjoy your fingers. You can either enjoy one hand at a time....
err....forgive me, it was just too good....
or both hands at the same time.
Caution! When you are enjoying too much, you might start to topple to your left...
then to the right.
In some extreme cases, you will slide down even more....
and more...
and more....
And all of a sudden, you are in a totally different position.
Never mind, just pretend that you are done with enjoying your fingers and on to another activity.
The end.