Thursday, December 30, 2010 more fashion....

Hello....long time no blog...had been busy, but it's not over yet, am still busy preparing accounts and budget for my church AGM next Sunday!...phew when will I get my crafting time back??

Well, let's talk fashion today. You see...Grace is growing fast, and a girl will always be a girl...she loves Barbie, princess, know, those stuff that every girl likes...which the mummy likes too but had no chance of doing when she was a little girl, thus the pampering came.....because the mummy wants to play too....wahaha..

Let me name the things that my little girl is doing this Christmas season...
1) she already had the Princess Costume which I bought for her school's party and the accessories of course...but what's new was, her cousin Joy was here last 2 weeks....errr...she's not that kind of wanting to dress-up, so the 2 came out with a "Grace dress-up and Joy take photo" game. So my girl will wear all her accessories (noisy high heels included), do some really (and I mean really) sexy (oohhhh..ahhh..) post, and Joy snap it with ah?
2) Mummy bought her an original Barbie, but not Barbie herself, it was Barbie's friend (whom I've no idea of the name) and some original Barbie outfits and accessories as Christmas present. Why do I have to state original? Well, mother-in-law had given her for her birthday a cloned "Barbie" and outfits, then a cloned "Barbie" came with her princess birthday cake. Now she has 4 Barbie dolls and quite a number of's a good thing that Barbie and her clones can share outfits.
3) Still not pampered enough? The mummy brought Grace and little Elise to Queensbay Mall today for a "Barbie - A Fashion Fairytale" live show. And she enjoyed it. Here's some photos of the stage setup.

4) Want some more? And mummy couldn't resist this set. And here's Barbie and her clones with the set.

A little girl, anticipating the play with her latest toy set.

5) And....hubby got me an iPhone 4 this Christmas, and off course there's lots of games for the little girl. She likes to play but not for a very long time...she will try out once or twice for each game and then keep the iPhone. But when I install this particular apps, it kept her quiet for some time. Here's some of her creation:


Hmm....talking about fashion and dressing up, do you ever thought of dressing up your grill? Yeap...those that you use to barbecue and grill your food! Well, check out these grill covers and Kettle covers from 1001 GrillCovers, you might find a nice "dress" for your grill!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is just around the corner...

....and it's getting really chaotic here at our playing and watching tv and quarreling all day long..last minute shopping....last minute performance practice...Christmas gift wrapping...decorating the house....phew....

which means....I will need to be missing for a while, at least until after boxing day..

I will leave you with our Christmas tree and all the presents.....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sneaking some time to scrapbook....

Whoa.....handmade most of the Christmas gifts this year....and it was absolute fun, ringgit saving...but a little time consuming.....but it's worth it to have a little something for our dear family and friends....

Managed to sneak some time to make a scrapbook layout and a few cards for my church.

You see, Grace has ended her first year of school and has now started her second year of school. And she'd taken some photos at school. For RM35 we get a 5R class photo and a 5R self portrait (both in a very nice folder), a 4R self portrait and 4 passport size photo.

The 4 passport sized photos are all identical and I can't think of any other use than to have it on a scrapbook layout.

Materials used: Patterned paper: Crate Paper, Cosmo Cricket; Alphabet: American Crafts; Crystals and Pearls Mix: Prima; Stamps: Basic Grey, Hero Arts, Prima; Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

And these cards are really simple ones....made in less than 90 minutes, all using the same technique (I think Jennifer McGuire calls it block stamping), all involves stamping and all with minimal embellishment. I really love distress can work wonders with it...(couldn't really get the bright colour correct in photos)

Materials used: Water Colour Paper: Campap; Stamps: Papercraft Inspiration, Hero Arts; Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Brilliance, Versa Magic; Flower: Prima; Brad: Basic Grey; Twine: Shabby Green.

And this one card, for a friend's brother whom just got married.

Materials used: Cardstock: Bazzill; Stamps: Unity Stamp Company, PaperCraft Inspiration; Embossing Folder: ProvoCraft Cuttlebug; Dies: Spellbinders; Ink: Tim Holtz Distress Ink; Twine: Shabby Green.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another month had passed...and little Elise is 5 months old!

Oh wow.....another month had passed and it is time again to post about my little Elise. She's now 5 months old!

She has been a wonderful and fierce baby. When she's happy, she will smile her way, but you won't like it when she's upset and angry.

Let's talk about when she's happy. Little Elise loves to smile and is starting to laugh. She's still kinda serious or she simply needs new tricks for every laugh she gives. What am I saying? Well, when I do a trick, Elise will laugh (sometimes...real loud) but if I continue to do the same trick for the next 3 minutes, she will stop an extreme of stop smiling too. The next day, if you try the same laugh from her hard to please.....

She can now lift her head at 90 degree; grabs anything that's in her reach and put it into her mouth the moment she has it; when she's on the bed, she can rotate 360 degree; she's able to show where she wants to go by jerking her leg; she's kinda learning the concept of object permanence.....her eyes follows me when I move around and if I enter a room, she will stare at the doorway until she sees me; and just recently..when she's really angry and crying out loud, she could dig her toes in deep and gives it a push and she jerks to the front! Whoa.....calm down babe...

She's now 5.66kg, 62cm long and her head is 40cm.

Here's her....

**photo by Grace

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Missing in action?

Not at all.....I'm just busy....

....last week was for Grace's birthday. We had a simple birthday party at home for her, she was super excited and happy.

.....last and this week were school holidays for Grace. So you can imagine me as ME plus 2 sticky girls, one on each side. When Elise is having her nap, I need to entertain Miss Grace. There's one day, where I played with her "little" doll (I think it's Polly) and Strawberry Shortcake...non stop. Not because I don't want to, but was forced to....

.....early this week till now, little Elise is down with runny nose and cough. Thanks but no thanks to Grace. Grace was having that the last week, and the more we say "Don't go too near Elise, Don't kiss her"...the more the kissing and hugging....sigh. And Elise hates it when I feed her medicine and clean her nostril.

.....for many weeks, when I'm being released by the sticky glue(s), I have been busy crafting, making handmade Christmas presents and making cards...(won't be showing these until after Christmas)

Well....that's what I've been the coming week, there's one more thing on the list....Pesta Pulau Pinang.....Grace is already asking when she can go...