Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye bye busy days......or has it really ended?

Phew......the busy days are over now!!!! OR is there more to come? This I don't know....

For the past days...or I should say weeks, all of us had been busy with two very big events of the year. One, Christmas! Second, Moh Herng (my brother-in-law) and Phaik Sim's wedding!

Christmas.....we were busy buying gifts, practicing for the Christmas celebration events, Christmas party. Moh Herng's wedding.......there's even more to do. Completing the favor baskets, table arrangements, attending to friends and relatives.

Though tired, these days were filled with laughter and joy! Grace enjoyed it too. Her days were filled with fun and play with her cousins. She event completed her "flower girl" duty without any fuss! Bravo to her!! (will post her beautiful photos later)

The days were also filled with food! For the past few has been "eat, eat, eat and more eating"! Eating will continue for another 2 days! Cousin wedding and the new year eve gathering!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Woo new laptop today!

I can now get back to blogging. Noticed the decrease in the number of posts posted during the last month? Major part is I was handicapped without a computer, the other was that we were moving house. Now that we had settled down in our new home sweet home, and with my new laptop, I do hope I can get back to my post numbers.

Another thing that I would like to catch up on is Scrapbooking! Had not been scrapping for the past 2 months! Wow! That's very long...LOL!

Let's hope that I can find spare time after Christmas and after brother-in-law's wedding, to catch up on those!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Realistic girl!

This really made me slap my forehead!

Today (I mean Sunday) we had our Sunday Service at church and directly after that we had a series of activities going on. As Christmas is just around the corner, many of us are busy with the preparations. Some of the elders had the bi-monthly meeting today too. So, it was just left the little kids (Sarah and Grace) whom are free to roam around the church.

There's this brother, Yi Hong who like (I think) kids a lot. He took Sarah to the supermarket downstairs and bought a puzzle, which Sarah played with it immediately they are back in church. My daughter, saw the puzzle and also went to play along. As you know, kids at this age could not still understand the meaning of sharing, so there's a little of argument there. While other sisters commenting that Yi Hong did not also buy one for Grace.

Yi Hong said that Grace didn't want him to carry her. So no puzzle for her. Almost immediately, Grace stood up, walked towards Yi Hong and asked him to carry her. Oh my goodness! She could understand and knows very well how to get herself the puzzle. No choice, Yi Hong had to take Grace down to purchase another set of puzzle.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Role playing

Wow! Grace is really growing up fast. She now wants to do every single thing that adults do.

Yesterday night, we were having some family time in our new room. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, she's hyper-active during the night. Performing lots of actions. I was lying on the bed pretending to be crying. She came by and kissed me, then persuaded me not to cry. Then she stood up, walked away. While walking away, she commanded that I cry. When I start to cry again, she ran to me, took a cloth (she used a pillow case), wiped my face and nose, then kissed me then say "ah b 乖" (pronouced as "guai", means baby, be good). Oh my, oh my. These are little actions that we do when she cries. For the next 10 minutes or so, I was being a baby and Grace being the "mummy". Hmmm.....

New home....

Yup....the new house is ready...We had been progressively moving our things in since last Wednesday and had officially moved in on Saturday.

Grace is re-acting quite ok to the move. We initially fear that she will not be able to settle down on the the first night in the new home. But due to a friend's wedding, on Saturday Grace was drained out of energy. So she was already sleeping when we reach home that night. However, during midnight, she woke up requesting to "回家" (pronounces as "hui jia", meaning go home). Oh dear. She could recognise the room even in the dark! Nevertheless, we were able to settle her down.

During the day, she seems excited with the new home, especially our room. We had a platform with a queen size bed and a single bed. But during the night (even till tonight), she seems to be acting a little strange. She seems to be extremely active and unable to rest. Her normal bed time is around 10pm, however these few nights she had been sleeping at 11.30pm! She will say "回家 nen nen" (means drink nen nen at home). It seems that she had not treat this as her home yet. I guess we will need to give her a little more time.