Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace!

Oh dear.....I can't believe this is a belated post! I'm too busy, plus handicapped cause my laptop is down!!!!!

My dear daughter is now 2 years old! How time flies!

This year we are not able to hold a birthday party for Grace, as we are busy with new house renovation and packing up for moving in soon. Real sooooon....So, we had a simple family dinner (both Moses' family and my family) at Food Loft Gurney PLaza on Sunday. It was a fun dinner. Grace enjoyed every moment of it, especially the time when we sing her birthday song and her cutting the cake. After the event, she kept on asking to cut cake.

Well, today (this post is suppose to be a few hourse earlier) is Grace's birthday, but due to the hectic of moving in to new house, I could not be with Grace for whole day. I sent her to my parents house so as I could be free (from her) to settle the moving in.

Nevertheless, Grace enjoyed the whole day. It was full of events and activities for her. Thanks to her grand parents! Thanks mom and dad!

Hopefully I will be able to give Grace a birthday party on her 3rd birthday!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cry that woke a fainting mom!

Really praise and thank God that I can still type this post. Something really shocking happened this morning. I was at home, alone with Grace when this incident happened.

This is not the first time I fainted. Many years ago, I cut my finger while peeling off potato (or it is something else? I can't remember) skin. Got a small cut, went to deal with the cut, but ended up fainted in the toilet, with my shocked sister calling after me.

Well, back to today's incident. I was with my daily routine, getting Grace to "poo" and then bath her. However, this little girl refuse to sit on her potty. So I let her sit on the toilet bowl, which is, off course too big for her. So I squat down and hold her. The process took quite a long time. When she's finish (in fact, she also refused to "poo"), I put her down to stand on her own, before standing up myself. I used to have this problem of dizziness whenever I get up to standing position after squatting. After I stood up, I felt very dizzy, thus I hold on to the basin. Then there was a sudden black out, followed by a messy flash through of numerous scenes before me.

Then I felt myself swaying a little, then heard my daughter crying. The cry really woke me up, confused, and having a pain on my face. After a while only I recalled what had happened. I quickly attend to Grace whom is now sitting on the floor and claiming that she's in pain. I remember very clearly that she's standing when I stood up. Guess I must have knocked her a little. Thank God that no one was hurt.

Later on, I checked my glasses, and saw a slight scratch. Must have knock slightly on the glass panel near the basin.

Guess, I really have to get my blood pressure checked!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cry cry baby....

Like every other toddler, especially those aging 2 to 3 years, Grace LOVES to cry (and a lot too). On every single "NO" or scolding, she will definately brust into tears. However, I know on certain situation, she's just pretending to cry, so as to gain our attention and to get what she wants. And if her crying does not help, she will end up asking for "nen nen"! Oh dear, oh dear.....

Well, here's some photos of her crying. Note that, even when she's crying, she's very much aware that I am taking her photo.

Monday, November 10, 2008

你和我 (You and Me)

Nope, this is not on Olympics 2008 team song. It's just Grace.

I have heard many of my friends saying that kids will always get confuse between "you" and "me". Thus, when teaching and talking to Grace, I tried my very best not to confuse her. But in the end, I confused myself. off course, I have a confused daughter.

There was once I was looking through Grace's baby photos. Grace was with me and she kept on pointing to the photo and say "baby", not recognizing that it was her. Then I told her, "That's you" in mandarin (你来的). After some time, when she flip open the album again, Grace points to the photos and say "你" (means you). Oopps....I tried to correct her, but after several times she still says the same.

In several other occassions when Grace wants to perform task by herself, she will point to herself and say "你". Oh dear....she's confused. When she says "你", I will tell her it's "我", thereafter she will immediately say "我" and raise her hand.

Nowadays, Grace will point to herself and instead of saying "你", she will say "韵韵" (pronounce as yun yun, her chinese name in short).