Friday, October 30, 2009

New Hair Cut...

Not mine...but Grace's and in fact it has been almost a month.

Shorter hair = tidy. This is the principle that we hold, well, only applicable to kiddos. Thus when Grace's hair grow so long that it often get into her eyes, I "forced" her into cutting her hair. She's especially fear of cutting the front hair, other than that she's ok. She even said, "Mommy, cut shorter, so that I can become a boy!" LOL.

Anyway, here a photo taken on the very day she had her hair cut by her, oh so talented, mommy. (Ahem..) I've used sketch #43 from 52 Sketches 52 Weeks.

Cardstock - core'dinations
Patterned paper - Cosmo Cricket Earth Love Repeat (Side B), Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer Black and White Twist, Heidi Swapp Invisibles (the colourful stripes)
Others - Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Worn Lipstick, Broken China, Spiced Marmalede), Cosmo Cricket Earth Love Element Card, Pink Paislee Office Lingo Collection die cut, October Afternoon Report Card Die Cut Stickers (the flowers peeking from the curled window), Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg Ready Set Chipboard Alpha

Thursday, October 29, 2009

They say breastfed will breastfeed.....

...and here's Grace giving it a try and practicing.

Just for the fun of the play, Grace will take the pooh bear below, put it under her clothes (thus having a "big" tummy) and come to me saying, "Doctor, doctor, I'm going to have a baby! Help me!" Then the "labor" process took place (either a normal delivery or C-section)....yes we told her roughly how that took place, even told her the story of the umbilical cord (cause she asked what's the use of belly button). Anyway, back to the play. Then she will care for the baby that she "gave birth" to. Sometimes, the baby is put into an incubator.

Ok, now to the relationship side. I asked her whom am I to the baby and she said "Po Po" (grandma), what will the baby call Grace's daddy, "Gong Gong" (grandpa) and what about "Ma Ma" (in Cantonese Grandma), she answered "Cho Cho" (great grandma). Wow!

Alright, enough of talking and time for the photos.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drooling over this.....

(wiping my mouth)...excuse me here....but isn't this yummy?? Mouth watering?!?

Won't it be real great to win this and be in time to start a mini album along side Irene aka Scrapperlicious next mini album tutorial at The Crop Spot? I don't know about you, but I'm definitely looking forward to November 13th, 2009 to see if I'm the one winning this yummy lovely kit!

Monday, October 26, 2009

What a great time to scrap on food now....

I guess this is the best time to scrap those photos of Grace enjoying her crepe lunch. After all, it was the same crepe (without the filling) trigger Grace to start eating again.

So, I used a Sketchy Thursdays sketch and made this "yummy" layout. I wanted to have a misty effect on the background but I do not have another glimmer mist in my stash (may cause a hole in the pocket if I start collecting these), nor do I have any re-inkers. Thus, I rub the distress ink (Mustard Seed and Fired Brick) to my non-stick craft sheet, sprayed it with water, mess up the whole area by "folding" (just a little) the craft sheet to make big coloured puddle. Then using a syringe to collect the puddle of liquid, pumping it into the mini mister, then sprayed it on my white cardstock. Love the final result.

Here's the original sketch and my take.

Cardstock - unknown
Patterned paper - negative of Pink Paislee Outside the Box die-cut paper, Cosmo Cricket Earth Love Repeat
Others - Jillibean Soup journaling sprout, Prima flower, Little Red Cottage button, Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg ready set chipboard alphabets, Tim Holtz distress ink

Eat, eat, eat....

Well....thank God that Grace is beginning to accept food now, except that she's mostly vegetarian now.....

On Saturday night, she had McDonald's for dinner and ate half of the chicken burger I bought her. She was extremely happy to be able to eat......

Then on Sunday, she almost finished off the remaining burger and at night she was eating rice.....

Well today, I made homemade pasta for her and she love it. And for dinner, she could eat rice. I'm relief now.....

One thing that touched me was when she say this....
"Daddy, please pray to God for me. Ask God to heal me and protect me."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grace is refusing to eat...

for 4 days now....

Sigh....I just don't know what is wrong with her!!!! On Wednesday, all of a sudden, she refuses to eat anything solid, all she wants were milk, "nen nen", water (either plain or sweeten). The day before, she was still ok with eating. I was in terribly bad mood on Wednesday, as I was worried for the reason why she'd stop eating. I, of course, scolded her, which I very much regretted after that, but I just can't help it, the fear that she might not get enough food and the anger that she wasted all my effort in getting the food cooked.

Well, she claimed that she had a sore throat and often gag when she put some solid food into her mouth, then either drinking water to help herself swallow or spit it out. I brought her to the doctor and the doctor said that there's slight redness in her throat. Ok, now all we thought was, right sore throat, that's why.

So on Thursday, I cooked chicken porridge (fit for very young babies) for her. During lunch she, at least, tried to eat about 10 spoonful but during dinner, she just refused to eat at all. Also in the evening, I offered her some ice-cream, which she initially refused, in tears, to eat, but after some persuasion, she finished it. But still no luck on other solid, even her all time favourite, Vitamin C.

Then on Friday, for fear that her sore throat might had worsen, I took her to the specialist. The doctor checked and there's no problem at all. Even the throat is ok. Doctor gave her some syrup to boost her appetite and suggested that if her condition never improve in 1 week, he'll do a urine test. After some thought, I remember her telling me some lower abdomen pain and so I insisted on a urine test. And the result, no urine infection or what-so-ever.

So, what could be the reason?!?!? No fever, no flu, no cough and extremely active at all times except for meal times! She looks hungry, wanted to eat, but just couldn't get it down her throat.

Today, she seems to be eating a little of crepe that I made and some biscuits with coffee (and, the black type). I've no choice but to let her, as long as she'd got something into her stomach.

All readers out there, do you ever encounter such situation before? What can I do next? I'm anxious and worried.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grace says.....

the funniest things....

the most unexpected......

Was staying over at my parents last Tuesday and were sharing bedroom with my younger sister, whom Grace call her "Ah Yi" (means aunt). After I breastfeed Grace, she wanted to share her bed with her Ah Yi. And here's the little conversation:
Grace: Mummy, I want to sleep with Ah Yi.
Mummy: But then later at night you might want to drink "nen nen".
Grace: I'm big girl now. I don't need "nen nen".
Mummy: Ok....then talking to my sister, "Ah Yi" please come share the bed with Grace.
So, the Ah Yi shifted from her bed to Grace's bed. And I went downstairs to take my medicine. When I returned, here's what my little girl got to say.
Grace: Mummy, I want to sleep with you.
Mummy: I thought you wanted to sleep with Ah Yi.
Grace: No lah, I want to sleep with you.
Mummy: Then you ask Ah Yi to go back to her bed lor.
Grace: Ah Yi, please go back to your bed.
Ah Yi shifted back to her own bed.
Grace: Mummy, why Ah Yi always shift places?
Mummy and Ah Yi: ?!?!? Burst into laughter....

When I was about to get downstairs to take my medicine..
Mummy: Grace, time to sleep, no more talking.
Grace: Ok mummy.
While I was away.....
Grace: (started to move her arms and legs while lying down, then started to disturb her Ah Yi)...obviously she's trying to make her Ah Yi the one to start the talking. Unfortunately, her Ah Yi says nothing. Then she heard the dog barks. And at this moment, her talkative self took over.
Grace: Ah Yi, why the dog keep on barking.
Ah Yi: Grandma is feeding the dog.
Grace: Why Grandma feed the dog.
Ah Yi: Cause she's (the dog) hungry.
Grace: What do the dog eat.
Ah Yi: Dog food.
Grace: Dog food? Where do you buy that?
Ah Yi: Eer.....supermarket.
See.....that little Grace is so super talkative. She can asked a thousand questions on almost anything, even dog food!

On the next day, Grace insisted that her grandma give her a bath. After the bath, while my mom was drying her and putting on her clothes....
Grace: You're also a mummy, hor.
Grandma: Yes...that's right.
Grace: You're my mummy's mummy hor.
Grandma: Yes.
Grace: My mummy calls you "Ah Ma" hor.
Grandma: Yes.
Grace: Can I call you "Ah Ma" too?

After Grace took her bath, I took mine. While I was taking my bath, Grace wanted to go downstairs.
Grace: Po Po (grandma), I want to go downstairs and play.
Grandma: But mummy is taking her bath. We should wait for her then go downstairs together.
Grace: Don't need to wait for her. She will know how to get downstairs herself.

There's a day when I wanted to bring Grace out to the bookstores. Grace when to say goodbye to her "ma ma" (grandma, my MIL).
Grace: "Ma ma", I want to go to Borders. Bye bye.
Grandma: careful. Hold on to your mummy's hand.
Grace: Ok. (and ran to me) Mummy, "ma ma" says I need to hold on to your hands. I need to take care of you.
Mummy: LOL

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest Twisted Sister at Twisted Sketches

If you follow my blog for some time now, you would have read that I was selected as one of the winner for Twisted Sketch #001 over at Twisted Sketches. Well, that won me a Guest Twisted Sister slot over at the blog and this week, Twisted Sketch #019 is what I was asked to have a go at. The twist this week is INK.

Here's my take.
It's just a simple layout to show how much my little daughter like to imitate or being the "same" as me.

In my layout, I've used the Tim Holtz Distress Ink (my favourite) in a few different ways and love how each one turn out to be.

For this piece, I started with covering the white cardstock with Mustard Seed Distress Ink, then I stamped the images with VersaMark ink and then embossed it with clear embossing powder. After which, using the ink blending tool, apply Worn Lipstick Distress Ink over the entire piece. The both colours blend in an resulted in kind of like an orange-y colour while the embossed area shows that yellow colour which is applied earlier. Neat.

On the next piece, I created a faux watercolour background. First, I stamped the images with VersaMark ink then embossed it with pearl embossing powder. Then pressing the cardstock to a puddle of Mustard Seed distress ink, Fired Brick distress ink and spritz of water. The embossed area, resist the colours.

For the title, I just rub the ink pad of Broken Chine distress ink directly on Tim Holtz Grungeboard alphabets.

This is just a simple applying of Broken Chine distress ink with the ink blending tool to the journalling tag. I've also inked the edge of the Basic Grey porcelain patterned paper. Both the butterflies were stamped with Broken China distress ink and Faded Jeans distress ink respectively.

Cardstock - Core'dinations, The Paper Company
Patterned Paper - Basic Grey Porcelain collection pp
Inks - Tim Holtz Distress Ink, VersaMark Ink
Others - Kaisercraft gems, Tim Holtz grungeboard alphas

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yet another bake and play session

Today I had another bake and play session with little Grace, though I was not feeling very well. This time was to make a batch of "little doggies". The recipe is pretty simple while the shaping and making the little doggies was extremely fun.

Grace had fun designing her own little doggies. I was amazed with her creativity.

However, as I was not feeling well (upset tummy due to food poisoning), I burnt a majority of the cookies. Sigh....

(p/s - sorry for the colourful eyes, I ran out of chocolate rice)

Grace made all these

Monday, October 5, 2009

Peanut Butter Cookies...anyone?

This was rather a play time for Grace, than a proper baking session.

Grace saw some kids making cookies with their hands from an episode of Hi-5 which she was watching today and told me she wants to make cookies too. And so I granted her, her wish.

I was busy preparing the ingredients for 1/2 a recipe of Simple Sugar Cookies and when I was about to start, I notice that it needs to be chilled for at least 1 hour. Bump! For sure Grace can't wait that long. And so I changed the next thing available. Peanut Butter Cookies as I need something which we can play and shape with the dough.

And so I did the mental division quickly and have everything set. And so the fun begins. No photos of the process....too overwhelmed with the mixing and beating and yelling....(err....just to warn Grace not to touch this and that)

Grace enjoyed the shaping part....and I let her take full charge and experiment with what ever shape she wants....I have a whole bunch of cookies cutter for her to try on.....and here's the cookies. Check out the "fat" bunny!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm getting a little frustrated with the slow Internet connection..patience...patience. But some sites are totally not accessible. Sigh....

Well, today I brought Grace to the mall for our weekly bookstore visit. And yes, she loves it and I love it too. She gets to read (I mean browse) through a whole lot of books and gets to hear stories (ahem...the story teller is her mummy). For me, I get to browse through 1 or 2 card making/ scrapbook magazine. I do subscribe to one magazine, but I needed more inspiration and I couldn't possibly subscribe all.

Anyway, today the little one decided to have lunch at the mall, and guess what she choose. Hot-and-roll! It's a kind of wrap with stuffing. So, we sat at the stall (and yes it's just a small little station) and finished our lunch. Then, went to buy some groceries. By the time we finished our lunch, this little one was asking me to carry her. Her reason being, "I'm too tired to walk", when she just finished her lunch...

While I carried her and walked towards the supermarket, she requested for a lollipop. So I told her, "If you want lollipop, then you come down and walk on your own". The next thing I hear, "Mummy, I want to walk on my own". Great....then while we were just starting our shopping, she wanted to wee wee. Like I said, I need to rush to the washroom. When we walk and then run towards the washroom, this little girl added a little tension by saying, "Quick, quick...I can't hold it for any longer!" Oh.....crab. I told her, "then let me carry you and then run, faster". And she replied, "No.....afterwards I don't get to buy the lollipop". LOL!