Saturday, June 23, 2012

Project Life Week 22 and Week 23

The Mom Creative

Time for some Project Life update.....I've been good and try to catch here's 2 weeks of Project Life

For week 22, the major event was of course my birthday....and so I used the whole of the right page to document that....while on the left page for those crazy and fun moments the girls had.....

For this week, I have 2 pieces of drawing (one from each girl) as the insert....

As for week 23, we (the girls and I) spent the whole week (except for Sunday) in Singapore.....and like what I've posted in my FB earlier....Project Life this week focused on family time.....(detailed traveling photos will be converted to standard layouts)...

I just love the 2 circle embellishment that I created.....the design is from Clementine Digital elements, which I traced in Silhouette Studio, instead of cutting it out...I replaced the blade with sketch pen and have it sketched out the wordings and then have my Silhouette Cameo cut the outer circle....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Take Twelve 2012 June

Here's the 12 photos taken on June 12, 2012

1. Early morning tantrum

2. School starts at 8.30am and we are still at home at this time!

3. Grocery shopping

4. Chatterbox home from school

5. Special water bottles we picked up from Singapore Zoo

6. Made some sticky rice cereal snacks for Grace's classmates

7. Also some yellow cake 

8. Game to pass the time

9. Watching Jungle Junction on iPad

10. 奶奶 came home from Taipei

11. My bowl of Bird's Nest

12. Watching another favorite and unforgettable drama...Palace

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Project Life Week 21

The Mom Creative

I'm really hardworking this week....managed to get up-to-date with my project life just before our 6-day trip down to Singapore.....

Week 21 of year 2012....was specially for sick girls.....both my girls were down with cough and high's consultation and medication cost me RM500!!!! ....Grace was off school whole week.....right before her 2-weeks school she got 3 weeks holiday....hehee....

Both girls at home all the time = messy messy house + playing together then the very next moment fighting and screaming at each other

At the end of the week, we had a parent's - teacher conversation at Grace's school and were pretty impressed with Grace's results and review.....also, I had to also include my precious gorgeous vintage babe in my spread....

That's about all of our week.....

 the 2-page spread

 left page

 right page