Friday, January 29, 2010

Public Speaking: Topic - Self Control

Well, today is the day Grace get assessed by her coach in school.

Previously, I assessed her and here's my assessment:
[(being 1-Need to be improved, 2-Fair, 3-Average, 4-Good, 5-Excellent)]
Appearance: Walking - 3
Standing - 2
Smile - 4
Vocal: Clear and loud - 3
Body language: Energetic Outlook - 4
Content: Fluency - 3

And, here's her coach's assessment:
Appearance: Walking - 3
Standing - 3
Smile - 4
Vocal: Clear and loud - 3.5
Body language: Energetic Outlook - 2
Content: Fluency - 5

Not bad huh? But need to check with the coach, what happened to the "energetic outlook"!

I'm one proud mother....eheheheeee...

Crafty again.......

It has been quite a while since I last share on my crafty moments and projects.

During the start of my pregnancy, I had no mojo at all to make anything. All I wanted was sleep, eat, sleep, eat and sleep, eat. Sigh.....

Then it was the busiest time of the year....Christmas. Did make some altered project and some cute gift bags for my church. And during that time, the interest to make things is back, but the interest to take photograph was dead. Thus, no photos taken.

Then came the new year and all the budget and planning for church. is back to normal and I have additional time in the morning (when Grace is at school) to be crafty. What did I make?

This pile of invitation cards for my church.....
this little mini album on Grace's 3rd Birthday Party.

Monday, January 25, 2010

China Doll speaking English


....better still, training for her upcoming Public Speaking session.

Apologize for the blurry image. I damaged my camera's microphone so can't use it for video. Have to use the not so good mobile phone camera to take down this.

See if you can get all the words that she's saying.'s the script:

"Super good morning to all my friends. My name is Grace. Black Bear shows Self Control. Oh yes! Let's learn together. Thank you very much."


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Friends....

Yeap.....Grace now has a growing list of friends. Before she started school, her list will always start and stop with Sarah, a little girl from church. Now her list is longer!

From 1 friend, it changed to 3 friends then changed again, then again....hahaha....she's starting to make friends. I'm so proud.

Her list of friends? ... It started with Amos, Howard, Zho Shuen (based on my understanding of her not so clear pronunciation). Then came in Xuan Xuan, Ed-rik, Dat-win, Max and Sesame (I'm guessing on this one).

I asked her, whom is her favourite and she told me Howard (**wink wink**) and Zho Shuen. And this is our conversation today when I picked her up.

Mummy: So, where shall we have lunch today? (note: I always cook lunch, but today thought of being lazy a little)
Grace: McDonald's!
Mummy: Alright.
When approaching McDonald's....
Grace: Howard is also coming to McDonald's.
Mummy: Really? He told you so?
Grace: Yes.
I saw a parking slot and quickly parked my car while, exclaiming...
Mummy: Wow. Lucky us, there's a spot for us to park our car. (note: it was lunch hour)
Grace: Oh....then Howard's mummy won't have a place to park!
Mummy: I'm sure she'll find one when they arrive.
So we bought our meals and started eating. Grace took a little longer to finish her food and looked reluctant to leave. While leaving,
Grace: Why haven't Howard arrive?
Mummy: Oh....may be they went to another McDonald's. (and I wonder, is she really waiting to meet her friend there?)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing the now English speaking China Doll....

...and she's non other than our very own, Ms Grace Chee!

Just a month of school and she's starting to speak in English. Previously we have only less than 5% of English conversation a day, but now, we're almost 55% English speaking. The impact and influence of school is so huge!

Though she's not very fluent and some of the words she may not know, she's not afraid to practice.

Here's some of her often used sentences:
- Mummy, I want to past urine.
- I'm so very very very hungry, ready.
- Mummy, I help you, ok!
- I want (a) little bit.
- Today, go (to) school, no cry.
- Very good, super good, allllllllllllllllllllllllllll yes!
- I want drink water.
And one big word that she learnt from school - "dependability" where she pronounced as "de-pan-da-bi-li-ty". While sometimes, she will direct translate from a Chinese sentence.


Monday, January 11, 2010

It's about time this blog come to life.....

Oh my...oh my. My last blog post was like a month ago! That was too long....

Well, I can't help it! Nausea + Fatigue + Flu + Cough = Laziness.....wahahaha

Had been busy earlier with Christmas celebration, both at home and at church. Then there we loads of people and kids at my home. So a little dizzy to do anything at all. Then came the New Year and I was busy "working" on my church budget and then some plans on the children ministry. Plus, though stepping into the 13th week of my pregnancy, I'm still having the nausea and the fatigue is definitely not going to leave me alone.

As for Grace, she'd now get used to going to school. No more crying and there's a lot of story telling, singing and slogan from here when she were back at home. little angel has some how turned into a half monster! I don't know why! May be with all the changes at home which we adults call it "little" but to her were something "big", brought her into some kind of emotional wave. Nowadays, she could lost her temper, and I really mean "lost" her temper at the slightest dislike, or it could be over nothing. She just throw her tantrum at me. Before this, she's not like that, but now she's unpredictable. Sigh......

I'm planning to have a chart to record her mood everyday, and then give reward or punishment accordingly. Hopefully this will work in bringing her to control herself.