Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toilet training!!!!

Just as I thought we were almost there, I got disappointed again and again.

I knew it! Toilet training is not easy for both the child and parents. It needs lots of hard work and patience from either party. Keep it up!

Grace is now 100% ok with letting us know whenever she wants to pass motion. To make things easier, she could even wait a little while for us to find her a suitable toilet. But for her "wee wee" part, it is still giving me a headache.

For the past one week, she had shown good signs that she's almost there. There were all together about 3 times, when she notified me that she wants to "wee wee". Not when I asked her, but she shouted out (as I was not beside her) "Mummy, 我要小便" (meaning mummy I want to urinate). And she could wait till I bring her to the toilet and put her on the potty.

As she had shown such sign, I wanted to let her have the opportunity to tell me whenever she has the needs. So I waited and waited for her to tell me. Off course, I did my part of asking her when the interval is near. However, whenever I ask, she will surely say "NO". So I thought, she wanted to go only when she's ready. So I waited again. Then what happen? Puddle on the floor! Argh!!!!!

Guess we still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, Grace, good progress!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Banana Muffin or Muffin Chocolate?

I got this banana muffin recipe from a friend's blog earlier and had tested on it during Chinese New Year. It was nice and is great for breakfast. So, I though of baking it again and will be doing so often in future. Maybe I may change banana to other fruits.

So I decided to bake it again yesterday. With me alone with Grace at home, I have no one to help look after Grace while I bake my muffins. So I decided to include Grace in the baking process. The recipe was a simple one, no beating required, just folding in the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

We started off by letting Grace help in measuring the ingredients. She did well, off course with my help. Next was smashing the banana. This part was fun. She did help up but ended up eating more and more of my mashed banana while saying, 好吃 (pronounced as "hao chi" meaning taste good). Then she notice something which is her favourite....chocolate chips! From then on, she keep on asking me "要放这个吗" (pronounced "yao fang zhe ge ma" meaning do you want to put this in). Oh my, oh my...she can be a bit of a nuisance.

When she finally get to put in the chocolate chips, she was so happy. What did she do? She drop one or two chips in the muffin mould, then put one or two into her own mouth. She did this on and on. She sure loves her chocolate.

She finally starts to make noise when I was cleaning up all the mess while waiting for the muffin to bake. When the first tray was ready, she immediately asked me to try it. The results....she loves it! Especially those with chocolate chips!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KL Trip Photos

Time for some nice photos. Enjoy.............

At Petronas Tower

Also at Petronas Tower with Po Po

At area in front of KLCC, Public Bank building as background

Petronas Tower

At the Zoo waiting for the animal show

Sea lion on action


With Gong gong and Po po, wearing my pretty hat from Disney Hong Kong

Best position of all


Rhinos taking their nap

My horns!?!

At The Pavilion

Action girl at The Pavilion

Should we go this way?

Sentul Park Koi Centre

Fish and fish and more fish

With my dear mummy

Oops....mummy looks a little "auntie"

舅舅's room

Tuesday - A day packed with activities!

**a post that I'm suppose to blog on yesterday but was too tired to do so**

We wake up at our usual time this morning, leaving Grace to sleep a little longer. When everyone was up and ready (including taking bath and breakfest), we took off to Zoo Negara. This was my 2nd time to our national zoo while, it was Grace's first visit. I visited this zoo some 20 or more years ago. time flies. I was only 9 years old then and today I returned with a child.

We reached our destination at about 10.30am, and as the Multi-Animal show will be on 11am, we headed straight to the amphitheater. One the way there, we noted some not very colourful aquariums containing a number of giant fish. Grace immediately got scared. I knew it! She sure will get scared. She even refused to see the penguins!

While waiting for the animal show, all off us tried our very best to let Grace calm down and hopefully enjoy the show and the whole visit to the zoo. And it did worked! She likes the show and enjoy most of the walk around the zoo. Just a little timid while at the fresh water aquarium.

We later took the tram ride then some small walk to see all that is in the zoo. It was a great exprerience for Grace. She was so full of energy and did not take a nap (which we expected she would) during the ride to IKEA.

It was way pass her nap time when we reach The Curve (a shopping mall adjecent to IKEA), for our lunch (which is like 2 hours overdue). She was still walking around, playing and making lots of small actions. While at IKEA, my parents tried to make her sleep but she refused.

The finally at about 5.30pm, Grace told me she wants to sleep, and soon she was in dreamland with Gong Gong carrying her while her mummy finish up her shopping.

It was like 9pm when we finally reach home. Wow! What a long day!

Nope, that's not the end yet. We had my cousins over for late dinner and Grace was still able to behave herself during dinner and having small play with her cousin.

Grace end her day at about 11pm.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We're in KL

This is Grace's very first time in Kuala Lumpur. Though she'd been to other cities like Shanghai and Singapore, we have yet have the opportunity to bring her to visit her uncle here in Kuala Lumpur. Well, the opportunity finally came and we grab it!

My parents could make it this week, so we drove down from Penang yesterday. parents really brought the whole market to Daniel's place. The car was filled with plenty of vegetables, seafood and meat. Even Grace exclamined "Wow! So many vegetables" in mandarin.

Overall the journey was not so bad. Grace slept the first 2 hours of the journey and only make noise towards the end the journey.

Grace slept well last night after a very long day and night. (Only managed to get her to sleep at 12am)

Alright then, the followings days will be filled with activities. Daniel will be on leave for 2 days and we will bring Grace to visit numerous places.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A girl...or a mouse?

We (Grace and I) were at my parent's place yesterday afternoon. We were chatting in my sister's room while Grace was busy singing and jumping around. I found a bar of limited edition Toblerone in one of the drawers and it is expiring soon. Mom said we should eat it. Grace also said we should eat it. So we open it up and everyone took a bite. It was a little sweet. One bite is enough. But that's not what Grace thinks.

Later on both the adult were too sleepy while little Grace is still full with energy. Both of us dozed off, with hope that little Grace will also fall asleep when there's no one playing with her. What happened next?

Mom woke up a few minutes later and this is what we found.

All my money is out from my wallet into a cup. And little Grace is sitting on the mattress, peeling of the wrapping on the Toblerone and enjoying her snack.....quietly. Oh my, oh my.

She definitely know what taste good.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Public toilet!

Eew......what a topic to blog on!

Well, I am so glad that at the age of 2, Grace is able to let us know whenever she wants to pass motion. She can even wait a little until we find her a toilet! Wow....what good progress! However, she's still learning on the pass urine part.

On Saturday, we (my mom, sister, brother and Grace) went shopping at Queensbay Mall and had our dinner at Sakae Sushi. We were enjoying our sushi dinner when Grace made a fuss. Initial thought was that she'd had enough of food and wanted to be released from her baby seat. So I ignored her. Then, she fuss again. So I asked her what she wants. She told me "我要“ng ng” (means I want to pass motion lor). Oh dear! What to do? I had forgotten to bring the wet wipes that day! And since she's already partially toilet trained, I don't want to let her soil her diaper. As this will give her wrong information. So I took off to the nearest washroom. My mom followed.

As I was walking towards the washroom, I kept on telling Grace to wait. And she did! Approaching the washroom, I saw that the handicap washroom was unoccupied, so a thought came to me. It's better to have bigger space. So I dashed into the handicap washroom. Once inside, I hold Grace on top of the toilet bowl, fearing that the toilet might be a little dirty. Nope. Couldn't make it. Grace refuse. Then I asked her to step on the bowl and squat (while I carry her). Nope, couldn't make it too. But from her expression, I knew she really needs to make a deposit. She kept on asking me to "ng ng" myself. Guess she's wanting a demonstration! Haha....

Finally, we gave up and decided to have her sit on the toilet bowl and then wash her later on. And there she goes! I guess, I should stop here. Else it will get disgusting! Hahaha......

The important thing is that, I am glad she's learning fast!