Friday, March 26, 2010

Before and after....

Ahem...proud mother blogging here.

Just a brief "history". Previously, I found out that Grace was not very keen in colouring. She seems very impatient in getting a picture coloured. She will simple take a colour and scribble a few lines, and call it done.

When she started school, she seems to continue to dislike colouring. But recently I noticed a change. She seems to have improved in her colouring skills. Let me show you.

Here's one example of colouring with mummy's supervision and pick of colour.

Then here's two example of colouring without mummy's supervision. (she got these coloured in school)

And, here's 2 of the most recent colouring, just 2 days ago. Without mummy's supervision, and without mummy's pick of colour. See, the improvement? Well, mummy is proud of you Grace!

And here's her doing her homework (taken this when she first started to have homework in January)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions and talks that drive mummy crazy......

Oh gosh.....I think my blog looks abandoned! Well, Grace is having her school holiday this week, and she's stuck to me like super glue.........wahahaha....and for the times when she's not sticking to me, I stuck my hands and eyes to completing a baby mini album my cousin ordered.

Err.....I have a hard time naming this post.'s some of the things that Grace ask and say.....

Grace: Can an airplane fly and then stop in the air?
Grace: Mummy, why is my school so far away? Why can't it be nearer?

She was cycling the other day with my mum's help and told me mom,
Grace: You need to be careful when you ride the bicycle. If you fall down, your buttock will "open flower"! (some of you might wonder what on earth is "open flower"...well it's a direct translation from "屁股开花" pronounced as "Pi Gu Kai Hua" which we use to some what illustrate the hurt in the buttock if we fall)

She was playing sailing with my sister and were pretending there are sharks around. But this little girl was a little scared of the idea....
Grace: Lets not play shark.
Aunt Sherril: Why not?
Grace: The sharks had gone to a far away place.
Aunt Sherril: Where did they go?
Grace: Hospital.
Aunt Sherril: Why are they at the hospital?
Grace: Because they are dying.
Then, on the second asking.....
Aunt Sherril: Why are they at the hospital?
Grace: Because the shark's friend is dying.

And these are the questions that she asked repeatedly (sometimes on purpose) to drive me crazy...
Grace: What is the use of the yellow light (referring to a traffic light)
Mummy: It's telling all the cars to slow down as the traffic light will soon turn to red which means stop.
Grace: Why do the cars need to slow down?
Mummy: (keep on explaining)
Grace: (Keep on asking the same question again and again)

Grace: Mummy, why need the ambulance? Why they (ambulance) drive so fast? Why can't they (ambulance) drive slowly? Why cars drive slowly?.......(and the questions will repeat)....sigh

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am going to see a tortoise

This afternoon, while we were having our lunch together, the following conversation took place:

Grace: Mummy, I'm going to see a tortoise.
Mummy: (wondering whether she's trying to coax me in bringing her in the coming school holiday)...Really, when will you go?
Grace: I am going.
Mummy: Who will bring you?
Grace: You...
Mummy: err.....When did I say I want to bring you to see tortoise?
Grace: You see, I have a bad tooth, and I need to see the tortoise to have it removed!
Mummy: (Burst into laughter) mean a Dentist not a tortoise!

Well, I salute my daughter's courage in speaking out even when she's not very sure of the usage of English words. It's a great opportunity to learn!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Had been busy.....

creating a short video clip to walk into the 10-year-history of Good News Baptist Church.

You see, yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of my church, and we had a great time remembering God's grace and mercy to us throughout the past 10 years, enjoying the company of our brother and sister-in-Christ.

And so, I was given only a week to browse through the thousands and thousands of photos taken during the past 10 years, select a few and transform them into a video clip. So, for the past week, I had been sitting in front of my laptop with a pair of "gold-fish" eye. Some of the photos are hard copy and I had to scan them into my computer. Luckily I have this marvellous HP PhotoSmart All-in-one printer, and the fabulous HP Photosmart Essential that allow scanning of multiple photos at one go!

Alright, enough of's the clip (for those who are interested)....