Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hmmmm...what to write? what to write?

Nothing special today. As our days in Shanghai is coming to an end, we are just closing up on our shopping list and that's about it. Grace is as usual acting like a big sister at home, giving me headache during meal times and talking some language that none of us understands. Other than that, nothing else.

So I decided to look up a little more information on the place that we are staying now, Maurice's home. The YanLord Town that I mentioned in my earlier post.

Apparently this place is named as YanLord Riverside City (仁恒河滨城) a project by Yanlord Land Group Limited. Actually, when it comes to Chinese wordings, I am just beginner level. So it took me a while to recognise the wordings, even when I see it almost everyday. Pai seh...

Ok...back to the YanLord Riverside City. It is located at Lane 1599 DingXiang Road (丁香路), Pudong new district, Shanghai City. It comprises 4000 units over 3 phases and is comprising of 25 residential apartment blocks. Oh...I am now in one of the blocks! And YES, it is within close proximity to many amenities. Like I mentioned earlier, it has connecting underground carpark, Community centres (some opening soon), indoor and outdoor swimming pool, larkish kids pool, outdoor children play area with sandy beach, 24-hour security and many many more amenities. What a great place to stay.

I wanted to take a photo of the area this afternoon, but I was carrying Grace so couldn't do so. I promise that I will take a shot tomorrow and make a posting.

Note: Information on YanLord Riverside City is obtained from the website if Yanlord Land Group Limited at

Updates: As promised, some view of the place.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grace wanna be an elder sister!

When Grace was younger, she used to get jealous whenever hubby or I, especially me, was carrying other babies or kids. She will demand that we immediately put down the baby and carry her. This can be clearly seen when we visited my brother-in-law, David in September 2007 when his wife, Jessie delivered their 3rd child, Isaiah. Then Grace was only 10 months old. Whenever I attempted to carry the baby, she will immediately run to me and ask me to carry her. Nevertheless, she's still caring towards the baby.

I am not sure since when she changed her mind about little babies. Nowadays, she just loves kids and babies. Sometimes even too friendly. Some of our friends children are afraid of her. Why? Grace is so warm and friendly. She will not only say Hi to them, but will hug and kiss them! She just loves making friends!

Nowadays, she wants me or hubby to carry little babies. She will demand that. When Jessie visited us in June 2008, Grace is just so caring to Isaiah. Kissed him and hug him and wanted me to carry him. (pictures to the right) And now, we are in Shanghai, she's also doing the same to Amos.

When she wakes up in the morning, first thing she wants to do is to look for the little brother. When she comes home after shopping, she wants to look for the little brother. When Amos cries, she will hastly run towards him, wanting to comfort him. Even when I am feeding her lunch or dinner! If we tell her that Amos is sleeping, she will ask that we carry her and let her see Amos sleeps. She will also offer Amos her bottle of milk or any other food. sweet.

I think she's ready for a sibling. Moses...what do you think?!?!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing special

Well, too much of shopping over the weekend. So today we did not do anything special. In the morning, the weather was not so bad, very windy and not that hot, so mom and I and Grace walked to Carrefour which is nearby the place where we stay. Off course, we did some shopping. Nothing much from my end. Mom bought some gifts for friends and I bought a few books and Crayola washable markers for Grace.

After that, we bought fried chicken from KFC and went straight back home. A normal afternoon nap. In the evening, I brought Grace swimming at the Yan Lord Town outdoor larkish pool. She, as usual, enjoyed the fun at the pool.

At night, we have dinner at home and continue watching tv.

As Grace was feeding, I asked her whether she wants to go sleep. She shake her head while continue feeding. Then mom and I asked her whether she wants to go back to Penang to find her daddy. She immediately sit up and node her head over and over again. Later, hubby and I talked on the phone while Grace keep on calling "dada". Guess she's missing her daddy again. Just before she sleeps, I asked her whether she's missing her daddy, and to my very surprise, she node her head again and again. Daddy......Grace is really missing YOU!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shopping, shopping, shopping!!!!!!!!!

It's Sunday today! So in the morning we went for Sunday Church. Maurice and Jessica brought Amos so they went to the children sunday school together with Grace. Mom and I went to the service. Not a very long service. After that we went straight back home.

In the afternoon, Grace and I took a very very long and heavy nap. Then it was dinner time. After dinner we head of to a shopping mall by the name of Super Brand Mall (正大广场). It is just across the street from Oriental Tower. Why are we there? Shopping of course! In fact, we were there on Thursday when we visited the Oriental Tower. I saw an evening gown (well sort of) in one of the shop, NEXT, wanted to try on it but it was getting too late for the kids. These few days, I keep on thinking of that dress! So, here we are again.

Lots of shops are on sales there. Went to Zara, H&M and NEXT. Got a belt from H&M for RMB99. Then NEXT.

When we where there on Thursday, the dress that I eyed on, there were still lots of them with different sizes. Today, there are only 3 left all smaller sizes. I tried on but couldn't make it, just need 1 size bigger, but there's no stock left. Sigh...Sigh..Sigh..I should have learnt a lesson from my trip to Melaka. The same thing happenned. I eyed on 2 piece of garment, the next day I went, both SOLD! Next time I will buy whatever that I like the moment I see it!!!

Never mind, there are still lots of blouses and dresses to choose on. I finally got 1 white blouse, 1 brown skirt and 1 checked skirt. All for RMB360.

You must be wondering where is Grace. Well, I need to mention again, Grace is always making noises when I wanna shop. So, thanks to Maurice and Jessica and Mom and the QQ sweet, I managed to get something for myself.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kiddie shopping spree!!!!

Yesterday night I went back home empty handed, but was full harvest!!!! Hahaha....

Maurice gets to use the company car for the weekend. So went to a place which is a little further from our home.'s the kiddie shopping haven. This place is named Neon Kids Plaza (霓虹儿童广场). The settings here is like the settings in Shanghai Pu Dong Ya Tai Xin Yang Clothes and Gift Market which I mentioned in my earlier post. Lots of little shops all...well almost all...about 99% of them sells kiddie clothing, shoes and accessories. Gosh.....there's little dresses, skirts, blouse, T-shirts, sandals, shoes, bags, stickers, toys and many more.

As usual, Grace can't shop for too long, even when we are looking for her clothes. She starts to make noise after a few stops. Maurice keeps on entertaining her with different things. Lucky, there's this one stall selling toys and there's this fishing toy which attracts little Grace. So she and Maurice stayed at the stall while we (mom, Jessica and me) shop on. Here's what she was playing and we bought one for her to take home.

Oh dear, I can't really remember how much I spent. If I were there longer, I think I have to let Grace have my whole wardrobe! Lets see if I can recall the prices of all those that I bought.

First, there's this piece of flowery dress. Well, I like flowery dress. So my daughter should be wearing one. This is RMB31.

Then this two piece blouse and jeans skirt for RMB78.

Next it was this stripy blouse for RMB25.

A while later we spotted this pair of shoes. Grace just loves trying on shoes, pair after pair. This pair of shoes is RMB55.

Next is a time for bags! I bought 2 bags one for Grace and the other one is for Grace's friend Sarah. Guess which one is for Grace! Both bags cost a total of RMB70.

Finally it is time for lunch. So we head off to the first few stores to buy those that we spotted earlier on. I always wanted to get white blouse for Grace. It's quite hard to get one in Penang. Most of the little girls' blouses there are with fancy patterns. So, I got 2 for her. Both blouses cost RMB35 each.

Wait! I am not finished. Lastly I get this stripy polo-T for my little girl.

We too bought for Grace's cousins in Singapore. Here's what we got for Isaac, Joy and Isaiah respectively.

Overall, it was a great shopping day!!!

Window shopping?!?

My dear brother, Daniel wanted me to check out on the prices of Coach wallet in Shanghai. Thus, yesterday night we went to Yaohan (八佰伴). Nah....there's no men's design there, only women styles.

Since we are there, we walk around to see if there's anything we can get there. Mom-in-law bought a pair of ivory court shoes at RMB198. Very nice. There are lots of shoes there and many are on sales. But the problem is, I can't find even a pair that suit my living style! Hai.....

As I was walking along, a white handbag caught my eyes. Hmmm...nice bag and is in the right size too. Let's see how much it is. You guess. I can't remember the brand as it's something not so common, or maybe I am so so out that I don't know the existence of that brand. Grin. Well that handbag cost RM1980! Wow!!! Expensive!!!

Ok...forget about handbags I told myself as I continue to browse through the shopping floor. Then another thing caught my eyes. A purple flowery lacy dress. The dress is a modern type of dress about knee high. Well, lets check on the pricing. Guess what? It's RMB2980! Too expensive for a dress!!!! Again I don't remember seeing that brand anywhere in Penang.

Oh dear, all these branded stuff are expensive! I continue to window shop there, exclaiming with shock on some of the pricing. I ended up empty handed.

Great window shopping!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oriental Pearl Tower

Finally I get to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower. Was here in Shanghai in February 2008 but for an unknown reason was unable to visit the tower.

My brother-in-law, Maurice took me and Grace there. The admission fee was super expensive at RMB150 per person. First impression of the and beautiful. The exterior of the tower was lighten up with colourful lights.

Bought the ticket and in we go. There's this dance performance at the atrium. Grace was kinda attracted to the music and dancing. So have to force her to keep on walking. Once inside the tower, we are hushed through a security check. Similar to those they have at the airport and no liquid is allowed too, except those in baby feeding bottles. Then quickly into the elevator which take us to the viewing deck at 263m. They have this so-called tour guide to tell us where the elevator is taking us. But, I think the lady talk like a robot, with no expression at all. And they are not friendly at all. No smile from them!

Once there at the viewing deck, we took photos and sight-see the night scenery of Shanghai. Really!

After that, we took another elevator to the 350m level to see the whole set of scenery again but from a higher point.

Then we took the elevator back to the 263m level so as to transfer lift to get to the 90m level. At this level, there's a space centre and an outdoor viewing deck.

Grace was happily following us and posting for photos at first. But later on she's fed-up with photo shooting and don't even bother to look at the camera, or is there something else that attracts her?

Overall, it was a great adventure travelling high up into the sky in high speed elevator!

72nd Hour in Shanghai

The weather today is extremely hot. Weather forecast state that the highest tempreture is 38 degree celcius while lowest is 29 degree celcius. Whew....really hot! Even the wind is hot!

As we do not have a car to drive along (relying on taxi to move around), we decided not to go anywhere during the day. But do we entertain the little princess?? I can't possibly let her watch Hi-5 all day long!

Lucky me, there's this sort of like a resident centre for the residence of the Yan Lord**仁恒** community (there's the place where my brother-in-law stays). And there is a big children playhouse there for children below 6 years old to play. Great! Now, the whole Yan Lord community has a very very big build up area with lots of apartment blocks. How then can we go there without going under the sun? Again, lucky me, or rather lucky residence! There's this basement carpark which is linked between all the many blocks and off course the community centre. So, not under the hot sun. But then, the block which we are staying in is quite far from the centre! Again, lucky me. There's free buggy service for the residence to help them move around in the carpark! Marvelous!

So we are now there at the playhouse. The moment Grace sees the play area, she runs to get there sooner! Kids, kids, kids! And there she is playing around, having fun!

All of us (mother-in-law, sister-in-law Jessica, little Amos and Grace) went there together. Half way through, little Amos is already making noises. So, mom-in-law and Jessica decided to head back home, but Grace refuses. So I stayed on while they head back home, forgetting that I don't have the access card with me. Now, the access card is as touch-and-go security card which allow access to the lift lobby and to the floors in apartment.

After having much fun, Grace decided to go home. So we head back home, by taking the buggy off course. Lazy to walk...hehe....

Once we reach our block...Oh card how to go in?? No problem, I can call Jessica using the intercom. Oh no!!! I forget the unit number!!! Never mind, let's call her house number. Oh no no no!! I don't have the number! What did I do in the end? I called hubby, whom is in Penang, whom then call Jessica, whom open up the access door and lift for me. Silly me!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shopping spree

One of the main attractions to Shanghai is SHOPPING!!!

So today my mother in law and I and off course Grace (how can I leave her out) when to the Shanghai Pu Dong Ya Tai Xin Yang Clothes and Gift Market. It is located underground at the Shanghai Science and Technology Musuem Metro Line Station. There are lots and lots and lots (I think a few hundreds) of shops down here, all selling things like bags, watches, ties, clothes, shoes and many more.

As it is a more crowded place with lots of stranger, we were extra careful with our belongings as well as Grace. However, things is not always as we wanted. Grace always has her own agenda. She wants to walk on her own, not wanting either of us to even hold her hands. So in the begining it really stress me out. She has became more and more mischevious. What did she do? You will definately shake your head once you know what she did. At first I insisted that I carry her on my hands. But she insisted that she walk. So I let her walk but insisted that I hold her hands. Holding her hands very tight that she's unable to fling my hand away. Then how did she respond? She ran to her grandma making signs that she wants her grandma to carry her. So mother in law carried her but not for long. A few seconds later, she demanded that her grandma let her walk on her own again. Sigh.....she knows how to manipulate people!! Sigh...sigh...sigh....

Now...let's talk about shopping. When you shop in places like this, you really need a very good bargaining skills. Else you are ready to get your throat sliced! But be sure to buy the goods if they finally offer you the price that you bargained. will get scolding from them. I mentioned earlier that there are many shops selling bags. You may want to be careful when you enter these shops, especially those with partitions. I remember once when I came during February, I walked into a shop selling bags and I was looking around unaware that I was already in the inner part of the shops. Then suddenly they close up the partition for the inner part with me stranded inside. How scary! I guess they just want to show me those pirated or "A" goods!

This time I tagged along with mother in law whom is quite good in bargaining. We went to 2 shops that my mother in law will surely visit everytime she's in Shanghai. One of the shop sells men's shirts while the other is selling shoes. No bargaining here cause mom always buy from these shops, so the price fixed already.

From both the shops we bought 10 shirts (5 for hubby's little brother Moh Herng, 4 for hubby and 1 for my dad), 1 pair of sneakers for Moh Herng and 2 pairs of sandals for mom in law and myself. I also bought a long skirt from a fashion shop which does not allow bargaining. Last thing on my list was some flowery tops which we saw on our way in.

As we were heading to the shop that sells women clothing, we came across a shop selling children clothing and we saw what we wanted for our church children. Kids army apparel and girls sports suit. So we bargained and bargained and bargained for the clothes. While we are doing that, Grace was wailing away because she's tired and hungry. I think we took like 30 minutes to close the deal. RMB700 for 14 suits (9 three-piece army apparel and 5 two-piece girls sports suit). I think it's quite a good deal. As I was finishing up the transaction, Grace was shooting on a borrowed shooter. As usual, she doesn't want to end her fun time session, but forced to. So, again I sacrifice my desire of buying some flowery tops!

"Daddy, daddy, I miss you"~~Grace

Hubby sms-ed me saying that he's working late (as usual) again tonight and that he might be sleeping early tonight as soon as he's back home. So there's no time to chat tonight. Thus, I decided to call hubby. I delibrately put the phone on speaker phone so that Grace could get a chance listening to her daddy talking.

While hubby and I were talking, Grace suddenly uttered "dada" and seems wanting to talk to daddy too. But as usual, she's kind of afraid of the phone! As the international charges are expensive, we made the call short and hung up, forgetting to let Grace bid goodbye to daddy. What happened next? Grace was wailling away blaming me for not letting her talk to her daddy! And who's afraid of the phone in the first place??

No choice. I had to made a call back to her daddy. This time, she uttered more "dada" but still afraid of the phone. So I told her to bid goodbye. And sure she said "bye bye"...I mean waved to her daddy, adding it with flying kiss...a few times. I was touched!

After the phone call, Grace whom is supposed to go to bed, insisted that we go out to the living room. Once there, she got herself busy with loads of stuff. Just refused to go to bed! By 11pm, I had no choice but to force her to bed. But it seems that she's waiting for something or maybe someone. I would never know!

Once in the room, she just couldn't rest even after I breastfed her! She then crawl on to me and just lazed herself on top on me. Her expression was very different from usual. Very different. Then I asked her...."Are you thinking of daddy?"....she shoke her head with a strange kind of expression, as if that she's in deep thoughts.

I think she's really thinking of her daddy and is somehow waiting for him to appear after hearing him on the phone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Travelling far from home

It has been a few days since my last post. That's because I was travelling to a place far far from home, Shanghai.

Well, this is an ad-hoc vacation that my hubby talked me into. The other day I was checking flight tickets for my mother in law, whom wanted to visit her second son in Shanghai, and noticed that Malaysia Airlines is having a promotion. The total cost for a return ticket from Penang to Shanghai via Kuala Lumpur was just RM1265 including airport tax. Hubby says that it's a way of letting me relax a bit and not so bored staying at home. He also says that I can buy whatever I want, no questions asked. Yippee!! So, here I am, away from home for 12 long days, doing all the shopping I want!

Our journey started on Sunday. Boarded Malaysia Airline Boeing 737 to Kuala Lumpur which departed a little later than the scheduled time. Reached KLIA at about 10pm but our connecting flight to Pudong, Shanghai was at 1.40 in the morning! A very long wait awaits us, extremely long when you have a very active girl with you!

Once settled down, Grace demanded this and that. Wanted to walk around, walk on the travelator, play with the public phone and things like that. So, mother in law and me took turns looking after her.

I know that Grace was already sleepy, just that there's too many things to attract her there at the airport. So, she refuses to sleep but wanted me to board the plane (she keep on pointing to the boarding gate, that's how I know). As soon as we board the plane, without even drinking milk, she's already fast asleep. She's so so sleepy that she did not even protest when I put her on the bassinet. And...she slept the whole way through!

So, it's now just sit back and relax in Shanghai, with lots of shopping!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have a sweet tooth from when I was very young. I like....even love anything that is sweet. Chocolate, drinks, ice-cream, cakes.....etc. Hehe...I think that's how I got my current size too. Anyhow, I'm not talking on sizes here.

I guess, it is from me that Grace also starts to develop a sweet tooth. She too like chocolates, ice-cream, yogurt and sweeten drinks. Though, I try not to let her have so much.

Before promoting to a mother, I was used to having all those sweet things to myself. Hubby has a family history of diabetic, so dare not take too much sugar. So, I enjoyed my very big share of chocolates, ice-cream and things like that. But since with Grace, all these big portions of favourite things, have to be shared among mother and daughter. Sometimes, even have to give her all. Sigh.....I guess that's the fate of being a mother. Mothers will always put their little ones first, even those are her favourites. A tribute to all mothers.......especially my very own mother.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Think out of the box!!

Everyday Grace will surely surprise us with one of her new found ability or even with a new gesture.

Yesterday my mother-in-law make some noodles ("lam mee") and asked a few friends to come over for dinner. So there it was a crowd of people sitting in our living hall looking and laughing at Grace's movement and reaction. Then, Grace showed us her new found game, a role playing kind of game. She's there using her stack and nest barrels as bowls, displaying it nicely on top her Imaginarium (that'sthe brand) wooden sets barrel (use it like a stove or counter), a spoon and a plastic container in hand, playing cooking and eating. What a tremendous scene. It's a pity I don't have it snapped as photos.

Fear not, cause she did that again today! Here's some of the photos.

You will never know what she's capable of and what she will be up to. In the afternoon, she was so busy pushing her toys container (a plastic storage box) to place it in between the coffee table and the sofa. I was thinking what she is up to this time. Then, there she is using the storage box as a couch. Sitting on top of the box with the sofa as her back rest and the coffee table as her leg rest. Oh dear oh dear!

What can I say? She will just make our days though tired, but full of surprises and laughter.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Outdoor fun 2

Sundays......a day for family time. As usual, we went to Youth Park today for an outing together with some of our church members. Nothing much to talk about, but a few interesting photos to share. Pictures say it ALL!

If you have been following through my blog, I did mentioned in one of my post last week, a slide that Grace insisted on climbing up the stairs and slit down the slide many times. Well, today I had a chance of taking a few shots of the staircase and the slide.

(left) the "favourite" slide (centre) the stairs the Grace insisted on climbing (right) Grace climbing the stairs

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Try IT out...

We have this fresh flower bouquet that we put in church every Sundays which is as an offering to God by different members of the church. Today, it's our turn. Normally we have a few members, whom are really good in flower arrangement, prepare the flowers. But this time, I was thinking of giving flower arranging a go. So yesterday morning (saturday) I went to the market to hunt for flowers. I bought some carnations, roses, forget-me-not and some small white and purple flower (I don't know the names).

In the afternoon, after the kids fellowship, I stayed back while hubby fetch the kids back home. Started off with the arrangements confidently. Well, it turned out that I bought too much flowers, especially the forget-me-not. So, I ended up with two bouquet of flowers. Here's the products for display. Please do give comments so that I can improve in this area. I will definately try it out again!

(left) the main bouquet (right) the extra bouquet

Saturday, July 12, 2008

6th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow, July 13th 2008, marked the 6th year of our marriage. A successful one, I would say and a blessed one too, with Grace with us now.

Hubby and I don't usually do things that are fancy during anniversaries nor birthdays. But we sure will have a good dinner out together. This year, with Grace (for the 2nd year now) we need to be extra careful in selecting venue for our dinner.

As tomorrow is a Sunday and we usually will have our weekly outing at Youth Park, we decided to have the dinner tonight. So, for the whole afternoon, we were searching high and low (well...hehhehe...just the Internet la) for a good restaurant. I wanted steak, so we are only down to a few restaurants. With a toddler around, we have to consider on the ambiance of the restaurant plus our budget. Grace is more likely to make noise during meal time (banging the table with the cutlery, playing with the straw), so it makes it more difficult to find a suitable venue. It's an anniversary, so it wouldn't be so nice to have dinner at a food stall. However, some restaurant have too quiet an environment. Some restaurant even banned children under the age of 12.

In the end, we decided to have our anniversary dinner in Thirty-Two at The Mansion. This restaurant has a very nice environment, plus the good is also good. So, we went there at about 7.45pm, a little late from our planned time, 7pm, as we had a phone call from a friend in the US.

We settled into our seats, ordered our set dinner. Hubby chose BBQ chicken with rice, while I selected charbroiled sirloin steak with black pepper sauce. Both are yummy. We started off with starters, off course, then soup and then a long pause! And you probably guessed what happened next. No food to eat but long waiting. Grace started to make some noise, wanting to go watch the dogs that she saw outside the restaurant (I don't know why there's dogs there).

Initially hubby wanted to give in and carry her out, but then we thought that it would be better to let her be busy on something else. Drawing! So we requested a pencil and there she is drawing this and that. Off course with the help of daddy and mummy. Then, to our relief, there's this live band there singing Jazz. And to our surprise, Grace loves the music and was swaying with the rhythm. We are saved! Then when we have our main course, Grace just loves the BBQ chicken (sharing with daddy) and the Chocolate Walnut cake that I had for dessert.

Overall, it was a great dinner time for us. Tensed at first, cause we don't want Grace to disturb out diners, but later relaxed and enjoyed the whole dinner time!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Helping with the chores...or is she messing things up?

When you have a little toddler like Grace at home, you just got so many things to laugh and talk on.

Doing household what I tag on today. Off course, she not only lend her helping hands today, but everyday!

You might be thinking....What are the chores? Well, there's a whole lot of things she can "kepo" on, like sweeping the floor, dusting off dust from furniture, folding the clothes, hanging up clothes.......hahaha...I can go on and on...she's just curious in every single thing that adults do.

When either of us is sweeping the floor, she will come around trying to snatch the broom from our hands. There's this one day when my mom in law is sweeping the floor, and I am busy wrapping flowers (for a friend's graduation), the daddy put the little helper to use. What is she up to? She took the feather duster and started dusting every single corner of the house! What a scene!

One more thing that I must mention. This time relating to clothes. Grace just loves the time of the day when, again either of us, hang up the clothes and folding the garments. When we hung up the garments, she will volunteer to name the person whom that piece of garment belongs to, i.e. mama (grandma), mee ah (short for mummy), dada (daddy), and shushu (uncle). And guess what? 90% of the time, it's correct! What great memory!

When it's time to fold up the garments and keep it, she willingly help by bringing the folded garments to our respective rooms. Though most of the time, we need to re-fold the garment when it reaches the room!

Just for fun and laughs!

Spotted this fun thing on a friend's blog. It struck me to try it too. And here's it. My family (all 3 of us) is on MAGAZINE!! See Grace modeling below!

Try it out yourself too.....

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Monday, July 7, 2008

Outdoor fun!

Like every other Sundays, we went for Sunday Service in the morning and obtained our soul food. Then back home for a nap, then off we go to the park for some exercise. Our church members (most of them are working adults), will gather at Youth Park, for a game of Caption Ball.

I normally will not play in the game but will go and have some fun with Grace at the children playground. There's a whole lot of kiddie rides there, like swing, slides, see-saw and some bouncy thingy. However, for some reasons, Grace do not like most of the rides. She enjoyed watching other kids play but will not try on herself. Guess she's afraid of something. But I donno know what!

Out of all the many rides, there's this one slide that she likes. It's with staircase and then a slide. Don't have chance to take a snap of it. It's quite high up for an 18 months toddler, but she's just as stubborn. She will insist of climbing up the stairs with little of our help, then with our help, slide down. Yesterday, she had many go on the slides. Insisting time after time, when we stop her for fear that she will have tired legs. As stubborn as she can be, she still give in after about 8 slides. After which, she refuse to walk on her own. See....she's tired.

After about 20 minutes, she's on the grass again, kicking balls and "jogging". Here's a video clip of her sitting on her favourite ball! Enjoy!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bought something again!!

I bought something from Borders again! Ghosh....I guess I need to ask Borders if they have any loyalty program, cause I am visiting them every week and almost most of the weeks I went back with a bag of goodies!

Well, today I bought something really interesting. Both are from the bargain books corner. First there's this "My Big Book of Words and Pictures" book for only RM23.90. Lots of pictures inside and a picture dictionary.
Good for little kids. I can use it for dual purpose. One to show the kids in Sunday School this Sunday (I'm teaching on God's marvellous creation this week) and two for little Grace to ponder on. I showed her the book and she's kinda interested in some of the pages, like the Birds and Sea Animal pages. Another way to teach her words! But have to be careful, it's not a board book and Grace is a little rough with books.
Then, there was this "Paint and Make Jungle Animals" ~ no glue or scissors need for only RM17.90. Amazing. There's 8 ready made cardboards of 8 different animals. All I need to do was paint it and join the pieces together, just like a puzzle. And tada......animals for display. I'm going to use it during this Sunday God's Creation lesson. A good way to attract little ones. I'm sure to use it to teach Grace as well, when she grows a little bigger.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A tiring but enjoyable day!

Exhausted. Yeah one word says it all! This is how I feel right now, sitting in front of my computer, typing this post.

I normally don't have much time to do things that I please. During the day, almost all of my time is dedicated to the little mischievous one. Sometimes, I may ask my mother in law to play with Grace, but that will only last, the most, 45 minutes. She will then starts to, "Mee ah.....mee ah".

When then do I have time for blogs and other stuff (I am serving in children ministry in my church)? Well, only during Graces' nap time, which is only about 1 hour and like now.....nearly midnight!

Why am I so exhausted today? Well, as you can see from a series of photos below, I was busy playing with the active little girl I have at home. There's drawing, digging out books to read, sticking stickers, building blocks, playing balls (kicking and rolling) and a new found interest, remote controlled cars! Initially I thought Grace would be afraid of remote controlled cars. But, when I tried it for her, she loves it! Seems a little tomboy to me...wahahaha.

You might be thinking, controlling car should not take a lot of energy. Well think again. Grace is holding the remote control and she only knows the forward button. So, whenever there's an obstacle, there's this remote-controlled mummy, adjusting the car. Plus, there's no sitting down time when she's on the move. She will make sure I am also on the move so as to adjust the car the moment it got stuck. Very demanding, but again, I must say, all is worth for that smile in Grace.

Playing dress-up...

It's so heart warming to see how Grace has grown physically as well as in her knowledge.

From a little baby whom is helpless and need others to do everything for her, she has now grown to a little toddler whom want to participate in everything that you do.

She now wants to do a whole lot of things. When I change her, she will lift her hands through the right path through the sleeves as well as sliding her legs through the pants or dress. Huh...the feeding time is really a mess....she will want to hold a spoon herself and scoop up food to feed herself. What else?....Hmmm...There's this red boots that she likes to wear and walk around the house. Drawing is her favourite.She will scribble something and then tell us what she's drawing. Cute!

Yesterday, I thought of letting her try out dressing her Pooh bear. And....she enjoyed it. Trying to get the hat fit on Pooh's head. Here's a short video of the fun!

To my surprise, this morning she points to the pile of old clothes, demanding to dress up the Pooh bear again! I giving myself more work to do??? Guess, the joy of seeing her smile and laugh supersedes all!