Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project Life Week 12

The Mom Creative

It's that time of the week for Project Life...

This week, I feel a little lazy adding physical embellishments into my spread. So I played with some of my purchased digital elements.

This week: we were at the hospital 2 times to get the reason behind Grace's constant we had done a series of was a big event, and so it takes up the whole of the right page, while the left page was bits and pieces of life during this week and some journalling of little details....

As for the insert, I detailed on the hospital visit and another side was an important invitation email that daddy received, which gives him recognition....

Here's the left page

and here's the right page

the insert which details on the hospital visits....all words...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project Life Week 10 & 11

The Mom Creative

This is going to be a 2-week-spread as we went for vacation during these 2 weeks. To be honest, I get a little overwhelmed with the amount of photos I have for the trip, and was having a hard time trying to make the pages work. I ended up with a 2 page spread for the 2 weeks, featuring some highlights of the weeks, and instead of having all the vacation photos in my Project Life album, I decided to create traditional layouts with the photos and have them in our vacation album which already exist...

In between the spread, I have an insert; with the map of Taiwan (where we visited) and the destinations that we visited shown and a note that more photos are in the travel album as the front of the insert. On the back is a layout of the 12 photos I took on Mar 12th as part of the Take Twelve 2012.

Here's the spread:

The insert front

The insert back

The left page

The right page


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take Twelve 2012 March

Another month of Take Twelve on the Twelfth. This month, it was a little special, cause we are on vacation in Taipei. And since on this day we brought the girls to Taipei Zoo, there are some pretty interesting photos taken....

Here's the 12 photos....

1. Getting ready layers and layers of clothing for the girls before bath time

2. Ms to see her in jeans...

3. Ms Grace...busy with her iPad

4. My new winter coat...

5. where we had our brunch

6. Taipei Zoo entrance

7. Camels' bum-bum

8. Hippos' bum-bum

9. It was sitting there, waiting to be photographed

10. had buffet dinner...

11. Ms Elise's indoor shoes

12. no Astro-on-demand but still wanna catch up with the latest episodes of my favorite TVB drama

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Life Week 9

The Mom Creative

Whoa....each week passed by so quickly!!!! Not too many days ago I published my Week 8 project life spread and now I'm ready to post yet another week. In fact, the spread was already ready on Sunday, just waited to today to share it.

I will be travelling this coming Thursday, so I quickly complete my week 9 so that I may not fall behind too much.

Week 9: daddy came home a little earlier (something that is not so often), Grace got her first real badminton racket, I get fed-up with Elise's tantrums and crying, some of Elise's play time and a hand folded shirt by Grace.

Here's the spread...

Left page

Right page

Some close ups
I thought it will be fun to add a pie chart on the spending in that week