Thursday, January 15, 2009

Play Doh!!

From Grace's very first encounter with Play-Doh till today, Play-Doh had never failed to attract and amuse her. It's one of the toys that top Grace's favourite toys list. (hint hint to those uncles and aunts out there**grin**).

Grace's collection started with 4 cans of Play-Doh that came together with a kitchen set that David and family (Grace's 3rd uncle) gave her on Christmas in 2007. Then the collection enlarged for a significant size when I bought her the Big Barrel somewhere in 2008. Then it again increase in size (smaller this time) with 6 mini cans together with a set of 15 play mats which her daddy gave her for Christmas in 2008. You would say wow!

I'm amazed at how many things we can play and make out of this Play-Doh thingy. Off course, Grace is still very young and needs a whole lot of guidance in making things out of the "doh". Yet, she's showing great progress in her imagination. Though her favourite, I do not let her play with it all the time. It's kind of a discipline that I wanted her to follow. We shall balance between learning, playing with different toys. Furthermore, things are to be used on moderation. Off course, lots of behind the scene works need to be done to ensure such discipline at this age.

Well, today we sat down to play with the 6 mini cans and the play-mat. Made fish, ants, worms, ring, bracelet, anklets. She helped in the process. We had fun!

Here's some of the photos of Grace's modelling on the "jewellery" that I made her.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Flower girl duty!

Eh....wait a minute. Not was Grace's duty as a flower girl in her youngest uncle's (小叔叔) wedding.

We were suppose to get her ready for this duty since we knew about it some where around early of 2008. However, we were all busy with our own daily stuff that we put it on hold until the very last moment. In fact to the very last day before the wedding. Or in fact the last few hours before the rehearsal.

I wanted her to have a proper flower basket to practice on, however the actual basket to be used, was not ready. Thus, it was kept on hold for so long. Finally on the Friday morning before the rehearsal, I used the "sample" favour basket that I made (also for Moh Herng's wedding), added a pipe-cleaner as the handle, and "ta-da" a beautiful (**blush blush**) flower basket. ( fact I thought it was nicer than the actual one...shh...not so loud please **grin) I used crumpled paper as the "flower" or rather confetti. Instructed Grace to walk at the corridor at home while throwing the paper. Ah huh....she could sort of do it.

When having rehearsal at church, she's quite co-operative and could complete the task with many reminders and motivation from everyone there. Luckily I brought my home made basket during the rehearsal as the actual basket was far too big for her. Ended up requesting for a smaller basket for her.

During night time, while I was putting Grace to sleep, I sweet talk her to remember the steps for tomorrow's duty. I told her "走三步,丢花” (pronounced as "zou san bu, diu hua" meaning "walk 3 steps, then throw the flower"). I keep on repeating myself, until it was so into her mind that she keep on repeating the phrase, even in her sleep. Well, that's all the preparation I could make.

The actual day came. I dressed her up in her normal clothing, for fear that she may mess up her flower girl suit. We decided not to put make-up for her. Natural is the best, plus I fear that she might get allergy from the make-ups. When it was time to go, hubby and I suddenly remembered something very important. And thank goodness we remembered, it helped later on. What was it? Read on.

When we reached the church, watching her cousins Isaac and Joy dressed up nicely (also for the page boy and flower girl duty), Grace was enthusiastic in performing her duty. We changed her about half hour before the wedding starts. However, her enthusiastism was not for long. Soon, she was clinging on to me. When her aunt (my sister) arrives, we sweet talk her again. It helped a little, but she was still clinging on to me. Until around 5 minutes to 11am, we were asked to get the page boys and flower girls ready. The flower girls had to put on their head gears. We persuaded Grace in putting it on and everyone there praised her as a form of motivation. She seems to accept the motivation. Seeing the girls and boys dressed up so nicely, few of our church sisters, came to take photo of them. Shifting them here and there to get nice shots. The process irritate Grace and she was clinging on to me again.

Moody at this time means bad news. Soon, the wedding was to start and I have a moody flower girl in my arms! What to do??? The thing that we remembered in the morning did the magic. Daddy (Grace's daddy, my hubby lar) offered her marshmallow! And it worked! Immediately she agreed to stand, off course a marshmallow in her mouth in return. Then she was about to start walking even it was not time yet. We have to offer her another one so that she don't get irritated. After which, she took another few before the event starts.

And she did it! She willingly walked down the aisle (she was the first in line). Throwing off confetti in her own cute ways. I was so very touched (in fact I have tears in my eyes). She's only 2 and could do this! Though, I have to walk to her side to urge her to walk on, as she tends to stop for too long (I guess, for the photo shooting). When finally she reached the front of the hall, stood there right beside the bride, she and Joy continue to throw out the confetti, in fact finishing all that was left in the basket. Making a pool of confetti.

Great job done!

Enjoy the photos. There's a video clip but I couldn't make it upright. Will try and see if I could post it later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh no!!!! The busy days are not over yet!!!

I made the statement too early!!!!! The busy days are still here and will not be over for another month!!!!! I am still lagging on my blogging and scrapbooking..... sigh.

After the 2 events of the year, there were still eating (**grin**) sessions going on. First it was cousin's wedding on 30th Dec, then it was the New year eve steamboat at church, then gathering with hubby's uncles and aunts (they are all back from Australia) on 1st Jan, then Moh Herng's appreciation BBQ on 2nd Jan. Phew.....must exercise more to get rid of the excess weight!

I think that's enough of eating for now, the eating session will be back end of the month, during Chinese New Year. But now the work comes in. As I was busy with the 2 events, I had totally forgotten on the important chores for the Children ministry at church. Have to put in the schedule for Jan till March, and it's a headache work, as need to consider many aspects to avoid clashes. Then the annual general meeting. Argh....have to get the budget done. To make things worst, I lost my 2008 church account when my computer crashed several months back. I have to re-do all the accounts before i could proceed with the budget! Luckily I have it all printed out. Phew....

Well that's why I am still up at this time. No choice...this is the only time I am free from my very active daughter. Alright....better get some sleep now....