Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway winner

Well...only one comment on the the winner is 

Morgan said...
Thanks for the giveaway ^_^ So cute! I am a mom of some young kiddos too. I am just amazed at how much you do! Thanks for sharing your talent on your blog!
Morgan, please email me at 

Project Life Week 15

The Mom Creative

It's been a while since I last blog...and update on my project life....I am 2 weeks behind now....the reason?!? I was busy with 5 after another....

First, I had a 17-set handmade gift order from a was busy making those...

After that, I was busy watching Korean drama, Dong Yi.....

Then, hubby got hospitalized for Appendicitis...his was the serious version...At the same time, Grace was down with high fever....

And now, while typing this, Elise is having high fever...sigh...when can I take a rest?!?

Anyway,....for week 15, as I was in the midst of making the handmade gifts, I kept my spread pretty simple...embellishing mostly with washi tapes (how I love them)....and simplify the spread with the left page being decided to Grace's interest in photography and crafting....while the right page showcase some of the happenings in the week...the Take Twelve on Apr 12 was also as simple as can be.....

Here's the spread....

Left page

Right Page

Insert front

Insert back 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's have a giveaway

hmm....maybe to mark half year of moving into my new house?!?....haha....I just needed a reason....

Actually, I have this set of Technique Tuesday stamp from my monthly Studio AE subscription which I think I will never use (don't get me wrong, they are nice and pretty stamps, just not the style and words that I will use in my layouts nor Project Life) I thought of giving it away to one of my blog readers....

And so, I bought a few more items from my very favorite store, Material, to include in the small package.

Just leave me a comment by 11.00pm of next Saturday, April 28th 2012 Malaysian Time (GMT+8). I shall select a winner by the following Monday.

One special reader will be receiving the below:

which includes:
Studio AE - Beauty Of Spring by Ali Edwards- March 2012 and a set of Post Mark stamps (something like these used in my PL Week 10&11, but of different design)

An alterable B5 Thread Sew Scout Book, Story Teller Wooden Frames by Crate Paper and a Pink Multi-Purpose Rolling Case

Some Cosmo Cricket Chipboard Die-Cut shapes from a few years back (which I hoard for a long time and realized they are just not my style now)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take Twelve 2012 April

Three posts in a day?!?...crazy...

As with the 12th of the previous 2 months, today...I took another 12 photos...I was reminded of today's date by Ms Grace....

Here's the 12 photos for today...

1. Weather - this morning at around 8.15a.m.

2. Traffic in the morning...sending Grace to school

3. Rainbow of fruits and vegetables for good health

4. Weather - during noon time

5. My drive today

6. Ms Grace doing additional home homework

7. Ms Elise has to be on the table when I teach Grace...she's busy messing with my stuff

8. Afternoon tea - grapes (Elise trying to give me the "peace" sign)

9. Fighting over a piece of changing mat

10. Weather - in the evening at around 6.45p.m.

11. Meal mates - Hi 5

12. Grace's ejaan (Spelling in Malay) brush up before bedtime

Travel Layouts Overload

Warning!!! heavy

I've spent the past 2 weeks (upon returning from our Taiwan trip) creating layouts for the many travel photos that we took during our trip...these layouts are going into this travel album...

It feels good to create layouts again after a long break....I'm going to create at least 2 layouts a week.....(let's hope I can keep up with that)

Here's the layouts....

Project Life Week 14

The Mom Creative's time again for my Project Life update...

This week: Not sure what's into me....lesser photos taken, but there're lots of memories captured in words...well, better than nothing, this week we also celebrated my dad's birthday....and so the entire right page was dedicated for his birthday celebration...

My spread this week features many of my newly bought washi tapes....I really love them, so easy to use and yet gives a very nice finishing touch....

Here's the spread (this the xxxth photo I've taken and it is still blurry..sigh)

The left page

and the right page

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Life Week 13

The Mom Creative

Yet another week went by just like that....

This week: nothing much happened and not many photos taken too...Grace was confirmed Lactose Intolerant, we have sandwich lunch (something not so common in our household), the girls got some new Hello Kitty toys and we went "Qing Ming" with grandma's side of the family.....

I kept the designs simple this week..and many of my journalling are typed...kinda of like the tidy look....I'm hoping to get a typewriter soon, I'm contacting someone and hopefully she can bring me good news...'s the spread

Left page

Right Page