Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace!

Oh dear.....I can't believe this is a belated post! I'm too busy, plus handicapped cause my laptop is down!!!!!

My dear daughter is now 2 years old! How time flies!

This year we are not able to hold a birthday party for Grace, as we are busy with new house renovation and packing up for moving in soon. Real sooooon....So, we had a simple family dinner (both Moses' family and my family) at Food Loft Gurney PLaza on Sunday. It was a fun dinner. Grace enjoyed every moment of it, especially the time when we sing her birthday song and her cutting the cake. After the event, she kept on asking to cut cake.

Well, today (this post is suppose to be a few hourse earlier) is Grace's birthday, but due to the hectic of moving in to new house, I could not be with Grace for whole day. I sent her to my parents house so as I could be free (from her) to settle the moving in.

Nevertheless, Grace enjoyed the whole day. It was full of events and activities for her. Thanks to her grand parents! Thanks mom and dad!

Hopefully I will be able to give Grace a birthday party on her 3rd birthday!

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