Monday, November 10, 2008

你和我 (You and Me)

Nope, this is not on Olympics 2008 team song. It's just Grace.

I have heard many of my friends saying that kids will always get confuse between "you" and "me". Thus, when teaching and talking to Grace, I tried my very best not to confuse her. But in the end, I confused myself. off course, I have a confused daughter.

There was once I was looking through Grace's baby photos. Grace was with me and she kept on pointing to the photo and say "baby", not recognizing that it was her. Then I told her, "That's you" in mandarin (你来的). After some time, when she flip open the album again, Grace points to the photos and say "你" (means you). Oopps....I tried to correct her, but after several times she still says the same.

In several other occassions when Grace wants to perform task by herself, she will point to herself and say "你". Oh dear....she's confused. When she says "你", I will tell her it's "我", thereafter she will immediately say "我" and raise her hand.

Nowadays, Grace will point to herself and instead of saying "你", she will say "韵韵" (pronounce as yun yun, her chinese name in short).

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Liana Lioe said...

She is so cute.
I hope i won't confuse my son next time.