Thursday, December 4, 2008

New home....

Yup....the new house is ready...We had been progressively moving our things in since last Wednesday and had officially moved in on Saturday.

Grace is re-acting quite ok to the move. We initially fear that she will not be able to settle down on the the first night in the new home. But due to a friend's wedding, on Saturday Grace was drained out of energy. So she was already sleeping when we reach home that night. However, during midnight, she woke up requesting to "回家" (pronounces as "hui jia", meaning go home). Oh dear. She could recognise the room even in the dark! Nevertheless, we were able to settle her down.

During the day, she seems excited with the new home, especially our room. We had a platform with a queen size bed and a single bed. But during the night (even till tonight), she seems to be acting a little strange. She seems to be extremely active and unable to rest. Her normal bed time is around 10pm, however these few nights she had been sleeping at 11.30pm! She will say "回家 nen nen" (means drink nen nen at home). It seems that she had not treat this as her home yet. I guess we will need to give her a little more time.

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