Thursday, November 5, 2009

Here's how Grace gently turn down an invitation to play....

I was again at my parents place for the past 3 days. Well, this time is just for the fun of it. Grace got all crazy playing with her grandparents. Grandpa bought a toy truck (the kind that transport new vehicles) which also include 2 buses and 2 cars. (just in case you wondering, Grace loves cars....don't ask me why). Well, she was playing all sorts of things with this toy truck, car dealers, race car and truck, towing service.

Talk about the towing service, dad has an old Walkman, which was confiscated from his naughty students many years back. And so Grace took the Walkman, extended the aerial and viola....the crane or whatever that is used to tow the cars and truck. Her tow service number is "386"...she gave the number herself. And so, dad will pretend that there's an accident, then called the number "386" and she will answer and get to work.

Now, after playing this for some time, she shifted to other things, when grandma came and "dialled" the number "386". Note that she is now busy with other things, and this is how she turned down her grandma.
Grandma: "386", "386" there's an accident here. I need towing service now.
Grace: Err....she's now around.

Then during dinner, grandma tried again.
Grandma: "386", "386" there's an accident here. I need towing service now.
Grace: I no longer provide the service. I already sold off the towing thing.

We all had a good laugh.

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