Thursday, April 12, 2012

Take Twelve 2012 April

Three posts in a day?!?...crazy...

As with the 12th of the previous 2 months, today...I took another 12 photos...I was reminded of today's date by Ms Grace....

Here's the 12 photos for today...

1. Weather - this morning at around 8.15a.m.

2. Traffic in the morning...sending Grace to school

3. Rainbow of fruits and vegetables for good health

4. Weather - during noon time

5. My drive today

6. Ms Grace doing additional home homework

7. Ms Elise has to be on the table when I teach Grace...she's busy messing with my stuff

8. Afternoon tea - grapes (Elise trying to give me the "peace" sign)

9. Fighting over a piece of changing mat

10. Weather - in the evening at around 6.45p.m.

11. Meal mates - Hi 5

12. Grace's ejaan (Spelling in Malay) brush up before bedtime

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