Friday, July 6, 2012

Project Life Week 24 & 25

The Mom Creative

Another 2 weeks of project life....completed them earlier but was taking the longest time to take photos of the spreads......

Week 24...features a whole right page of Take Twelve June 2012, and left page with some of the happenings for that week and not forgetting the a collage of scenes from the Chinese Drama that I watched that week....also an insert for a heart-sheaped card from Grace's classmate...

Week 25...for some unknown reason, I have very little photos and the week was totally the right page was used to only denotes the title for the week and some journalling....the spread this week is heavily filled with die-cuts from my beloved Silhoutte Cameo....

Week 24: Two-paged spread

Week 24: Left Page

Week 24: Right Page

Week 24: Close-ups

Week 24: Insert

Week 25: Two-paged spread

Week 25: Left Page

Week 25: Right Page

Week 25: Close-ups

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