Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Take Twelve 2012 August

Time for Take Twelve 2012...August edition....

1. Elise choosing her outfit for church

 2. Got it...now to wear it..

 3. Mummy in her outfit

 4. Bad haze...

 5. Breakfast...while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

 6. In the babies room @ church

 7. Kneading mantau dough...with the machine

 8. Done with kneading...now shaping

 9. Healthy whole meal mantau all ready...

 10. Elise...needs a nap

 11. Kids playing basketball indoor...

12. Watching Rhythmic Gymnastics

1 comment:

lena said...

hi yeong sheong, saying hello to you, your kids and your blog. It's actually my first time clicking you name on my blog, that's how it brought me here. Were these the mantou you made for the first time? anyway, i've answered your question back in my blog. Happy weekend to you.