Friday, October 31, 2008

Timid Grace

I didn't know Grace can be so timid.

Yesterday, like every other Wednesday, I went over to my parents' place. Grace, as usual enjoy the time there, until around 3pm when my dad came home. Why? Cause he didn't came back alone! My aunt (my dad's sister) came home with him. Now, Grace seldom see this grand aunt (I think yesterday was only the 2nd time). Grace has never show such fear to anyone before. She has been very friendly to many of our friends and relatives.

I don't know what's with this aunt of mine that Grace fear so much. Grace dare not even look at her. After which Grace became very very sticky ( glue) to me and asked me to go into our room. All of us tried to calm her, but in vain.

Later in the afternoon, I took Grace to the kitchen and made her ribena. She took her ribena and walked towards the living room. I let her walk by herself and I proceed to sit in one of the sofa. To my surprised, Grace stopped at the door separating both rooms. Stood there, turn her back towards living room, and continue drinking her drink, peeking at intervals. After finishing half of her drink, she put her cup on the dining table but dare not walk over to me. She stood behind the door, peeking at us. After a while, she cried out loud! Oh dear, she's still afraid of my aunt.

In the evening, I talked to her, hoping to calm her and let her accept her grand aunt. Initially she refused, but later on during dinner, she started to accept her grand aunt. She even cheers with her. Making a progress.


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Wow, I wonder what scared her?
Were you talking about siau kuku or ta kuku?

Yeong Shong said...

Xiao Ku Ku.....we also don't know. The very first time Grace saw her during Dad's birthday last year, Grace also acted the same. Keep on crying...