Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grace says.....

the funniest things....

the most unexpected......

Was staying over at my parents last Tuesday and were sharing bedroom with my younger sister, whom Grace call her "Ah Yi" (means aunt). After I breastfeed Grace, she wanted to share her bed with her Ah Yi. And here's the little conversation:
Grace: Mummy, I want to sleep with Ah Yi.
Mummy: But then later at night you might want to drink "nen nen".
Grace: I'm big girl now. I don't need "nen nen".
Mummy: Ok....then talking to my sister, "Ah Yi" please come share the bed with Grace.
So, the Ah Yi shifted from her bed to Grace's bed. And I went downstairs to take my medicine. When I returned, here's what my little girl got to say.
Grace: Mummy, I want to sleep with you.
Mummy: I thought you wanted to sleep with Ah Yi.
Grace: No lah, I want to sleep with you.
Mummy: Then you ask Ah Yi to go back to her bed lor.
Grace: Ah Yi, please go back to your bed.
Ah Yi shifted back to her own bed.
Grace: Mummy, why Ah Yi always shift places?
Mummy and Ah Yi: ?!?!? Burst into laughter....

When I was about to get downstairs to take my medicine..
Mummy: Grace, time to sleep, no more talking.
Grace: Ok mummy.
While I was away.....
Grace: (started to move her arms and legs while lying down, then started to disturb her Ah Yi)...obviously she's trying to make her Ah Yi the one to start the talking. Unfortunately, her Ah Yi says nothing. Then she heard the dog barks. And at this moment, her talkative self took over.
Grace: Ah Yi, why the dog keep on barking.
Ah Yi: Grandma is feeding the dog.
Grace: Why Grandma feed the dog.
Ah Yi: Cause she's (the dog) hungry.
Grace: What do the dog eat.
Ah Yi: Dog food.
Grace: Dog food? Where do you buy that?
Ah Yi: Eer.....supermarket.
See.....that little Grace is so super talkative. She can asked a thousand questions on almost anything, even dog food!

On the next day, Grace insisted that her grandma give her a bath. After the bath, while my mom was drying her and putting on her clothes....
Grace: You're also a mummy, hor.
Grandma: Yes...that's right.
Grace: You're my mummy's mummy hor.
Grandma: Yes.
Grace: My mummy calls you "Ah Ma" hor.
Grandma: Yes.
Grace: Can I call you "Ah Ma" too?

After Grace took her bath, I took mine. While I was taking my bath, Grace wanted to go downstairs.
Grace: Po Po (grandma), I want to go downstairs and play.
Grandma: But mummy is taking her bath. We should wait for her then go downstairs together.
Grace: Don't need to wait for her. She will know how to get downstairs herself.

There's a day when I wanted to bring Grace out to the bookstores. Grace when to say goodbye to her "ma ma" (grandma, my MIL).
Grace: "Ma ma", I want to go to Borders. Bye bye.
Grandma: careful. Hold on to your mummy's hand.
Grace: Ok. (and ran to me) Mummy, "ma ma" says I need to hold on to your hands. I need to take care of you.
Mummy: LOL

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YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Where did this girl get her talkative gene from? I don't remember you being talkative when we were younger.