Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Friends....

Yeap.....Grace now has a growing list of friends. Before she started school, her list will always start and stop with Sarah, a little girl from church. Now her list is longer!

From 1 friend, it changed to 3 friends then changed again, then again....hahaha....she's starting to make friends. I'm so proud.

Her list of friends? ... It started with Amos, Howard, Zho Shuen (based on my understanding of her not so clear pronunciation). Then came in Xuan Xuan, Ed-rik, Dat-win, Max and Sesame (I'm guessing on this one).

I asked her, whom is her favourite and she told me Howard (**wink wink**) and Zho Shuen. And this is our conversation today when I picked her up.

Mummy: So, where shall we have lunch today? (note: I always cook lunch, but today thought of being lazy a little)
Grace: McDonald's!
Mummy: Alright.
When approaching McDonald's....
Grace: Howard is also coming to McDonald's.
Mummy: Really? He told you so?
Grace: Yes.
I saw a parking slot and quickly parked my car while, exclaiming...
Mummy: Wow. Lucky us, there's a spot for us to park our car. (note: it was lunch hour)
Grace: Oh....then Howard's mummy won't have a place to park!
Mummy: I'm sure she'll find one when they arrive.
So we bought our meals and started eating. Grace took a little longer to finish her food and looked reluctant to leave. While leaving,
Grace: Why haven't Howard arrive?
Mummy: Oh....may be they went to another McDonald's. (and I wonder, is she really waiting to meet her friend there?)


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Oh little Gracie is growing up so fast!

yvonne said...

hahaha, Grace is so funny. i'd like to hear more :)