Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacher's Day Gratefulness Potluck Party

Grace's school is having a party today, to celebrate Teacher's Day. This is to teach the kids to serve and show gratefulness to their teachers. Well, the dress code today is occupational wear. This was really a challenge for us, as we don't normally buy clothes that Grace can't wear everyday.

Anyway, in our recent Teacher-Parent dialogue, we came to know that this little girl of mine, wants to become a nurse (we always thought it was doctor). And so, I thought of dressing her as a nurse today. But again, too short notice, where to get the clothes? Well, I just dressed her in her plain white dress with a D.I.Y nurse hat. The hat is made out of white cardstock, top up with a red fun foam cross. Here's the little Missy....

Earlier, I made a post on ideas for the potluck. My elder sister did gave me some ideas on no-bake cookies. But, I'm really and idiot when it comes to making food. I tried one Peanut Butter Crispy Squares recipe but found it to be too sugary and may melt in this hot weather. Even with such simple recipe and steps, I only got it on my 2nd try. First, I burned the chocolate chips instead of melting it. Second, I had no idea that marshmallow become very sticky when melted, thus ending up with a too sticky (to the point of not use able) mixture. Hehehhee.....laugh all you want.

Then I found a recipe to make Crispy Rice Pops from the Family Fun Cooking with Kids book. And so I combine crafting with making food. The result? I love it, Grace love it! And I believe the kids at school will love it. We call it, "Crispy Lollipop". Here's some of the photos of the lollipop in the making.

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Nora said...

The Crspy Pops look beautiful and delicious! And that sure is one cute nurse!!!!