Friday, June 20, 2008

Heartiest Kiss of All!

From very young, Grace has already learn to "sayang" or kiss someone if you ask her to. But recently, when you asked her to do so, she will just playfully reject and laugh. Think she's just mischevious.

Today, she's been very sticky to me (like super glue-real powerful one). At night, my hubby, Grace and me were sitting in the living room drawing. Then the little one told me (by using sign language, at least we can understand) she wants to go into the room and sleep and off course "nen nen" (means drink milk; I'm still breastfeeding her).

In the room, I get her ready for bed like usual. Giving her a bath and change her into pyjamas. As usual, she refuses to end the shower and don't want her dad to carry her. So she cried and cried and cried. Can't get her to stop and can't get her to wear her clothes.

We got angry with her and scolded her a bit. While I am feeding her, we continue lecturing her.

Then, Grace stop drinking milk and called me, "Mee ah" (mummy in short). I asked her why. She keep on calling me. So I draw myself nearer to her and to my surprise, she kissed me. My eyes were filled with tears as soon as she kissed me. After kissing me, she turn over to kiss her daddy. Wow....this is the heartiest kiss of all. She knows that she's acting too much and wanted to apologize to us. How sweet!


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Aawww, isn't that lovely! She is such a sweet girl. Please give my little niece a big big kiss!

yeongsng said...

Ta chie....sure I will help you kiss her for now....but you promise that you will come home soon to kiss her yourself...