Friday, June 13, 2008

Journey to motherhood....

**the pregnancy**

Hurray..hurray....I'm pregnant. First thing that we did was book a time with a gynaecologist. We went to Aventist Hospital and made an appointment with Dr. KT Ng. Our appointment was for 2 months later.

In the mean time waiting for our appointment to arrive, we go on with our lives. We only told our family members that I'm pregnant. Both moms, (my mom and mother in law) was very happy to hear that news. At work, only 2 of my co-workers knew about this news, Amy and May Huay. As they are experienced mothers, so seeking advice from them ;-)

I kept on having this crampy feeling in my abdomen, and the past event came back to haunt me. I was so scared. How little faith I have then. Sigh....

I told my 2 co-workers and the suggest me to visit the gynae to just ensure everything is fine. But my appointment was not until 2 months later. So, I visited another gynae, the one that I went to during my first pregnancy. Did a check and told me that the fetus is normal at this moment. But due to my past records, could only confirm after 2 weeks when we see the heartbeat. If we were to calculate based on my menstrual cycle, the fetus should be 6 weeks old then. He also mentioned that it could be an Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in the Fallopian tube). I was dumbed!

So, for the next 2 weeks I work from home, to minimize my movement. But we were still unsure and sacred. So I went to another gynae to get things comfirmed. The doctor did a scan, then I saw this little bean like thing, and it's pounding!
I ask the doctor, is that the heartbeat. She says "YES". relieved I am. (should have scan this earlier~ now it's a little blur)

And, so the little fetus continue to grow every day and every week. Our appointment with Dr. Ng finally came and we for the first time, saw our little baby. My hubby was so happy and excited
to see the baby, as if waving to us.
Every morning, while driving to work, I will pray to God , thanking Him for this precious gift and praying for a save pregnancy as well as labor. Then, I will talk to the little baby within me. I will talk on how great our God is, how He created the universe, and teach her to fear the Lord our God. Then, I will sing a few songs for her. Favourite tunes are, Jesus Loves Me this I know,Jesus Loves The Little Children, 云上太阳, 今我有快乐 and many more. While after work, I will talk to her on how the day go on for me.

It's just how amazing things are. The feeling of the little baby moves within me, it's just great and amazing. Sometimes, there's no movement for quite awhile. But when I talk to her, asking her to give me some kicks, she will just do it!

On our second visit to the Dr., we were so eager to know whether it's a girl or boy. Then the doctor said that, he's only 85% sure that it's a girl. From then on, the shopping begins.

I still remember how many things I bought to get ready for this arrival. Bottles (though I never really use it later on), clothes, dresses, nappies, baby cot, mattress and lots and lots more.

There's this one day, I was talking to my hubby on how amazing the growing process of a baby is. From the unite of 2 cells, it grow every moment and every day, until a human is formed. How amazing is God's creation! Then it came upon us to name our little girl, Grace.

Everything went on smoothly for me during the pregnancy. Not much morning sickness, just little discomfort. Even got reserved carpark at work. But, my tummy was extremely big, so is my size....paiseh....Too bad, I did not have much photos taken during then. Just too fat to appear in photos...hehehe...

It's just then, sit back and wait for the new be continued.

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