Monday, June 30, 2008

Enjoying an outing.....

For the past 1 year and 6 months, I will just stay at home looking after my precious little one. We seldom leave the house during weekdays. We will just stay at home, playing with indoor toys and books. Or sometimes, (I try to make it twice a week) I will bring Grace down for a swim in the swimming.

From very young, Grace shows great excitement whenever she gets to go "kai kai" (baby terms for going out). Be it to the park near my parent's house or just downstairs to the pool side.

I will usually look forward to weekends and public holidays when my hubby is around to bring her to the shopping mall. Two is always better than one in looking after a very active little girl.

I really could see that sometimes Grace gets a little bored at home. So, I have decided to bring her out even on weekdays. Once a week. Just to let the two of us have fun out of the house! Have started this norm for a few weeks already and I can see that Grace enjoyed it.

Today, I brought her to Queensbay Mall, our favourite destination because (1) it's near to our house and (2) there's this kiddy amusement centre there where Grace enjoyed going.

We went to Borders first. Have fun browsing through the books and also to note
for bargain books to buy for Grace. The bargain books are added weekly, so I get to browse new books every week. Got a few goods books there.

Then we went to the amusement centre. Both mother and daughter enjoyed the "driving" and throwing balls at the crocodile game.


Andrea said...

We (the girls at RAMSCO) really enjoy the pictures and stories of
little Gracie. She has really grown. We better make sure Yeongshe gets to see her soon.

Yeong Shong said...

Yes please.....
Thanks for droping by to see the posts.