Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How it all began

I still remember my first (well, sort of) pregnancy in March 2003. It caught us by surprise as we do not plan to have children until 2 years later (we were married in July 2002). Though shocked, we were very happy to be gifted. Immediately we made appointment with a gynaecologist to have myself checked. We went to see the gynae and everything was ok. As it was still very early stage of pregnancy, we could yet to see the heartbeat of the fetus.

Two weeks later, everything came tumbling down. I was as usual working in office that morning, then I felt some pain in my tummy. Went to toilet and I was bleeding. I was shocked and scared, started crying as I knew something is not right. I immediately call my hubby and then went straight to the gynaecologist clinic. The doctor did a scan and then double check with a vaginal scan, then confirmed that the fetus is not normal and there's no heartbeat. There's no other choice but to take the fetus away. I cried and cried and cried.

A year and a half later, hubby and I started our family planning. I counted on my ovulation cycle and was hoping every month to be pregnant. But there's only disapointment month after month. I became very stressed and lost. Even feel left out from my co-workers whom are mothers or are pregnant themselves. Their topics during lunch time or anytime at all, are kids, prengnacy. Sigh...

My hubby and I even went for numerous vacations, just to get ourselves relax. But still there's no sign of pregnancy.

Things are all really in the hands of the Almighty God above. After months of frustration, we finally learnt that there's time in everything. God will have His own plan for us. So, we go on with our lives and was less consious on the every month cycle.

Then, in March 2006, there's a delay in my menstrual cycle again. This time, I take it easy, thinking that it's just another delay. After a week, I still take it easy. One day, I was staying late in office with my co-worker, Amy, and was MSN-ing with her, I mentioned that I have a delay this month. Immediately, she encourage me to do a pregnancy test. She even offered me the test kit as she has in her working bag. (she just bought some from e-bay and still have it in her bag) As I am afraid of disappointment again, I told her never mind. I will just wait a few more days.

An encouragement from a co-worker, I start to feel the itch to "do the test". So, the next morning, while getting ready to work. I did it. My heart pound quickly as I watch the urine past through the indicator on the kit. Nothing happen. My first reaction was, "cheh...another delay for nothing". Then as I was about to tidy up the kit, there's this very very light coloured line in the "T" section (fyi...in a pregnancy test ki
t there's two lines, 1 is the control line-to tell you if the test is valid and 2 the test line-to tell you if it's positive). "Oh....dear, am I really pregnant?" I am on one hand very happy, but on the other hand, unsure of the result. As the T line as compared to the C line is much lighter.

At work, I immediately told Amy about the test result. She told me, it should be positive and suggested to I buy another test kit to confirm. We went to Tesco for lunch that day, so managed to get another kit. Did the test the next day and it's POSITIVE. Hurray......

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I remember that day in March 2003 when you called me. I cried and cried for you.