Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Playing dress-up...

It's so heart warming to see how Grace has grown physically as well as in her knowledge.

From a little baby whom is helpless and need others to do everything for her, she has now grown to a little toddler whom want to participate in everything that you do.

She now wants to do a whole lot of things. When I change her, she will lift her hands through the right path through the sleeves as well as sliding her legs through the pants or dress. Huh...the feeding time is really a mess....she will want to hold a spoon herself and scoop up food to feed herself. What else?....Hmmm...There's this red boots that she likes to wear and walk around the house. Drawing is her favourite.She will scribble something and then tell us what she's drawing. Cute!

Yesterday, I thought of letting her try out dressing her Pooh bear. And....she enjoyed it. Trying to get the hat fit on Pooh's head. Here's a short video of the fun!

To my surprise, this morning she points to the pile of old clothes, demanding to dress up the Pooh bear again! I giving myself more work to do??? Guess, the joy of seeing her smile and laugh supersedes all!

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