Thursday, September 18, 2008

Country lifestyle.....

I remembered there was a time when I was teaching children in church and I realised how city kids missed out so much on the fun of country side living. I asked them if they have ever watch people fish or fishermen fish. The answer was "No". Have you see fishing boats? The answer was "No" again! Oh dear, oh dear, they missed out so much fun!

I am not sure how other parents think, but as for me, I will definitely give Grace, if not all, most of the "kampung" (country side) lifestyle that I went through when I was young. You see, I was raised in a very adventurous family. We will go cycling, exploring the places in the little town that we stay. Go fishing at anywhere that we can fish. And many many more.

Nowadays, kids are too adapted to the civilization and high technology that some of this nature adventure was totally wiped out from their lives. This was worsen with extremely busy parents. Though civilization and high technology is important to us, but I think mother nature is even more important to us. These activities help us to love the nature, also teach us to be more aware!

Today, we put another new page in Grace's book of life experiences. We (my sis, my dad, my mom, me and Grace) went fishing. There's this very long unused (quite good condition) jetty at Teluk Kumbar for us to fish. Wow! FUN!

Grace, off course, joined in the fun too. She could spent a whole one half hour there. We went at evening time, so no concern on sun burn! She started off with a fake fishing line in the sea. Then when we caught some fish, she fish from the pail. Then she wants the real fishing rod. So dad let her sit with him. When they caught a fish, Grace helped pull it up! She enjoyed it very much.

This is definitely a new experience for Grace. I will say that it's a good one. We will surely do it again.

Here's the display of fishes that we caught today:


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

I sure remember those bike rides we had. Remember we used to take 2 bikes(I think that's all we had, just 2 bikes), usually me and you would ride the bikes and the younger 2 would sit in the back? And we would just go out and have fun!

Yeong Shong said... much fun! Later on we did had more bikes.