Saturday, September 6, 2008


Grace, even at this age, is already very good in imagining things in most of her play. Recently, there were a few birthdays in our household and Grace has already picked up that, when there's a birthday cake or a present, there will be singing of Birthday Song and blowing candles. So, whenever she sees cakes, presents or even pictures of cakes and presents, she will clap her hand and demand that we sing the Birthday song.

Yesterday, I was playing blocks with her and was arranging the blocks on the barrel cover. Then all of a sudden Grace clapped her hands and asked me to sing the birthday song! Indeed our creation (right) looked somehow like a cake with candles. As soon as I finish the song, she will pretend that she's blowing the candles. There was once, she says “拿拿”(means take). I asked her what does she wants to take. She told me “花”(means flower). Oh my gosh.....she had somehow picked up from somewhere that the birthday person will get flower when he/she is celebrating birthday! How cute!

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