Monday, September 22, 2008

Room 312

On Saturday morning, I went to Adventist hospital to visit a friend whom had just given birth to a baby boy. As I was walking towards her room, Room 312, I was thinking, could it be the same room that I stayed in 2 years ago when I gave birth to Grace. Sure enough it was the same room that I stayed in. What a coincidence! As we were chatting later on, we even joke that next time it will be Phaik Sim (sister-in-law) on the ward bed while Moh Herng (brother-in-law) sleeping on the couch!

This short trip back to Room 312 really brings me down memory lane. This is the room where excitement, joy, anxiety and worry, all different feelings came to me.

Grace decided to join us on the evening of November 26, 2006 after a long labor process which ended up with C-section. As such, I don't get the chance to nurse her immediately after birth, which I wanted so much. After the operation, I was given time to rest and to recover fully from the anesthesia. I only get to see my precious little one (after the short encounter in the operation theatre) during midnight when the nurses brought her to me for breastfeeding.

I could still remember my feelings when I first nursed her. It was a combination of excitement and nervous. As I don't have any breastfeeding experience (obviously none cause Grace is my first child), I found it tricky and hard. I tried my very hard, even though it hurts (I just had my operation, remember) to sit upright so that I could feed nicely. In fact, I insisted. I guess that's the first time I actually felt the power of love!

While I was nursing Grace, I overheard the nurses said to each other, "this baby is a hypo". Question mark! What hypo? Then I thought, may be they are saying that my baby has high potential in breastfeeding. I was suppose to have my baby roomed in with me, but was wondering why they push Grace back to the nursery. I don't know why I didn't ask.

Morning came and hubby needs to rush off to the Registration Department for Grace's birth certificate and then head of to work in the afternoon. I was left alone while waiting for my parents to come.

When I was alone, Dr. Pang the Pediatrician came to talk to me. Telling me that Grace has low blood sugar, hypoglycemia and needs to be on glucose drip until further results to show that her blood sugar is under control. Doctor also told me that Grace will need to be put under close supervision and that she will need to be fed with formula milk to ensure that she receives the necessary glucose level. He told me this need to be treated carefully as severe or prolonged hypoglycemia may result in seizures and serious brain injury. I was dumped! Now I know why the nurses were saying "hypo"!

So, the rest of my stay in the ward was filled with anxiety and worry. As Grace needs to be on the drip, she could not be pushed often to my room. So, even though my wound still hurts (quite a lot), I make myself walk as often as possible to the nursery so as I could see and nurse my little one. I couldn't sleep well at night, waking at 2-3 hours interval, walked to the nursery, breastfeed Grace. I cried everytime I saw her bandaged little hand. Praying and whispering words of courage to her everytime I carry her.

On Tuesday morning, another not so good news came. Grace has jaundice and needs phototherapy. Making my trip to the nursery more frequent.

Give thanks to our God. After being put on drip for 3 and a half days, Grace's blood sugar came back to normal and was under control. Her jaundice level also reduced, allowing her (and her mommy) to go back home.

Today (I mean on saturday) as I was walking in the corridor leading to the nursery from room 312, I couldn't help but Thank God for His blessings and care towards Grace. Two years ago I was making trips to the nursery anxiously, but today Grace is walking happily with me thro and fro in the corridor.

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