Thursday, September 11, 2008

My new found interest...

Recently I browsed through a friend's blog and saw that she's making scrapbooks to store up photos and journals on her toddler daughter. This friend of mine is a working mother! I was exclaiming, "Gosh.....she's working and taking care of her daughter and still have time to do all this!" It really brings me to re-look into my life and daily routine. Ever since I resigned from my previous position to be a full-time mother, I had not engage myself in anything of my interests except for my church children ministry. Almost all of my time were dedicated to my daughter. During her nap time, I will take my time relaxing in front of my laptop, playing games. Sigh, sigh, sigh...waste of time.

Well, I used to love crafts a lot. Though I'm not good in drawing, I'm i
nterested in making crafts and gift wrapping. So, after giving it a real thought, I started to look into scrapbooking. Scrapbook is an album filled with pages of layouts of photo and journals. I thought that it will be a good idea to store selected masterpiece of Grace's photos in a scrapbook so as both of us could ponder on it at a later time. All this while I have been storing photos in digital form.

And so be it. I started to source for scrapbooking stuff online. I found 2 online stores and a store in Penang Island. Great! Orders are made, items delivered and there I was creating layouts after layouts when Grace is having her afternoon nap.

To date, I have created 1 album, 1
Maze Book and an Exploding Box which I learn from Glitter Adventure. The album and Maze Book are constructed on behalf of Grace. Maze Book is given the title "My Cousins" while the Album carries the title "Shanghai 2008". The Exploding Box is given a title of "My First Times" and is a gift to a friend, whom will be giving birth to her first child real soon.

I enjoy the scrapbooking sessions a lot and will be sure to make many more albums.

Here's some photos of my creation, Maze Book and Exploding Box.

The Exploding Box

The Maze Book


~Vicki~ said...

ooh WELCOME to the world of Scrapbooking - you're going to love it. i stumbled on your blog completely by accident BUT i scrap too so check out my blogs if you get a chance. your blog looks great, good luck with the scrapping!!!

Yeong Shong said...

Thank you for dropping by. I'm sure to visit your blog.