Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Live Bento Tools!

I really want to thank whomever that have invented the bento tools, particularly the cookies/vegetable cutter. Long live bento tool!

Grace used to hate bread. Grace's menu for breakfast for most of the days would be bread, milk (just a little) and yoghurt. Then she will take porridge for lunch while dinner she will have rice. As she hates bread, she will take only a little in the morning. I was worried that she has not had enough food.

Through tv advertisement and also from browsing friend's friend's blog, I learned about this bento tools where we as parents could use moulds to make interesting looking food for our kids. So I decided to give this a go. I search in ebay and some other sites to purchase some of this tool. It cost quite a bit but I think it was worth the price.

I bought a pair of Hello Kitty vegetable cutter (which can also be used on bread/ toast) and a few other shapes like star, tree, house, elephant and etc. I started using these tools 2 weeks ago. The result: Grace just love it. She will say “猫”(means cat) everytime she wants to eat bread.

Now every morning she will at least eat 4 two-layered hello kitty face. Which is approximately 1.5 slice of bread. I think that is a good start. She would even have the bread without jam or butter!

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

I wonder if I can somehow mail you guys the homemade jams I made.