Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mosquitos, Buzz Off!!

This morning I woke up to find tiny red spots on Grace's face. After observing the spots for a while, I realized that they are mosquito bites. It's not just 1 or 2 bites but all together 7 on the face and 1 on her left hand. heart hurts.....

I immediately take revenge on the mosquito and killed 2, hurting my right thumb in the process. Silly me.

Now, I have to remind myself to browse through the room, especially those dark corners, before lights off every night. Usually I have my room windows closed during evening time for fear to inviting mosquito. But still, they have some way to get into the room! I will need to be more careful moving forward.

While I was browsing through the room tonight, I immediately thought of what my mom used to do when I was young. She will do the same in our room (sharing room with my 2 sisters) and my brother's room. Sometimes if she's busy and could not do it before we go to bed, she will do it after we have all set in to bed. I could still remember certain nights, I woke up (but pretended am still sleeping) to find my mom shooing and killing those mosquito.

Parents is always the same, no matter it is in the past, now or future. They will care for their children in every single matter, making sure that they are save from any harm.

What my mum was doing, I am doing it now and I am sure Grace will be doing it in the future.

Bravo to all mothers!

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