Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little present for Grandma!

It was my mom's birthday on Monday. I bought some Clinique stuff for my mom as presents. As there are a few items, I thought of using a nice paper bag as the gift wrapper. So, I bought one pink paper bag from Gama (a supermarket in town) when we went there with hubby's grandmother and mother.

When I was making my selection, Grace was very eager to participate and wanted to carry on to the bag. I have to let her take it, while letting her know that it is for her "fofo" (Grace had started to pick up calling her grandma "婆婆" which sounds "popo" but she kind of missed the pronunciation a little).

We went back home and have the stuff nicely in the bag and Grace drew a birthday card for her "fofo" (off course with my help and instructions).

Our dinner with mom and the rest was at Golden Triangle Restaurant which is in Queensbay Mall. When we reached there and was getting down from the car, Grace again insisted on carrying on to the paper bag. So we let her and told her it is for "fofo". Grace walked happily with the paper bag and keep on reminded us that it's for "fofo'.

I've never been to the restaurant before, so was looking high and low for the restaurant. When we finally found it, mom and the rest also reached the restaurant. And there at the entrance of the restaurant, Grace did something that surprised everyone and warmed the heart of her "fofo". She walked straight up to her "fofo" and hand over the paper bag to her while calling "fofo". was so sweet.

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