Monday, October 6, 2008

Scrapping mom, scrapping daughter

Every time Grace saw me scrapbooking, she will definately want to join in. I seldom let her join for fear that she will make a mess on my layouts. Sometimes I will let her play with my collection of ribbons. She enjoyed it though.

Today I did something different. She saw me putting glue on pieces of paper and then stick in on my layout. She insisted that she also do the same. Thus, I let her use the glue stick. But then, what to glue? Then I thought that maybe with the little piece of colour paper I have.

I taught her how to apply glue on the little piece of paper and then stick it on to her drawing pad. She loves it. Initially she is satisfied with the glue stick. Then she saw me using the scissors. Then she wanted more. She insisted on using the scissors. Off course, using scissors is a little too advance for her now. Nevertheless, good training for her.

Here's some of the photos taken and the final product:


YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Please let her know that her aunt Yeongshe gives her an A+.

Yeong Shong said...

I sure will....then it's A++ for her mummy..**grin** **grin**....;)