Saturday, October 25, 2008

Argh....potty training

It's been a while since I started potty training on Grace. For her big business, I had in fact started to train her (for about a year now) to get used to "do it" in the morning before her morning bath. She refused at first, but now she had more or less get used to the routine.

As for her wee wee, I had only started the real potty training in the past 2 to 3 months. I had always let Grace on nappy (with a plastic pant) rather than diaper whenever we are at home. But this little girl don't really mind if her nappy is wet. She will go on and on with her play. So around 3 months ago, I started to remove the plastic pant, which means that there will be possibility of her making a puddle on the floor. However, I found that the method is not really good in training her to use the potty. After a month and a half, she's still a puddle maker.

Well, it's time for next step. I had always monitor the frequency and the interval of her wee wee. So with this information on hand, I started to drag her to the potty and demand that she wee wee on specific timing. Being Grace, she off course, refused at first. She will scream and yell every time I asked her to sit on the potty. But eventually she started to understand the purpose.

Even so, she's really a stubborn girl. Sometime, she will sit there with no "output". So I told her nicely, "Let mee ah know if you want to wee wee, ok?". She will node her head. Moments later, puddle on the floor! Even worse, there are occasions where she wee wee a few minutes after I asked her if she wanna wee wee and her answer was no! Imagining me cleaning puddle after puddle every day! Really stressed me out!

Recently, Grace had learnt even more. I notice that, though she had not learnt to tell me whenever she wants to "pooh pooh", she will make some kind of a funny sound to signal to me that it's nearly time. So whenever I asked her, she will node her head. Now, that's some progress.

Whereas on her wee wee part, though she will always say no whenever I ask her if she wanna wee wee. But she will try to wee wee whenever I drag her to the potty. She will say "有" (means, got) if there's output. Some progress too!

I could see that there's still a long way to go, but at least now I don't have to clean up puddle on the floor so often.

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