Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moody Grace

On Sunday, we were back a little late from church as there's this quiz going on. As we fear that Grace will be too tired if we join others for lunch, we decided to "tar pao" economy rice and eat at home.

But to our surprised, though getting up quite early in the morning, Grace seems recharged when we reached home. So we all sat together and have our lunch. Grace even finished a bottle of Vitagen. After lunch, we told Grace to go into the room and have a nap, but Grace has other agenda on mind. She wanted "δΉ¦" (book). Hubby persuaded her to take her nap and promised her that we will take her to the playground at Youth Park later in the evening. She finally sets in and have her "nen nen" of course. A few minutes is all it takes for her to doze of to dreamland! She was indeed very tired.

Upon waking up from her nap, we quickly get her changed and sets off to Youth Park. But, somehow Grace thought that we were going to take her fishing. When we reached Youth Park, she doesn't seems to be excited. In fact, she was moody. She rejected most of the playground rides, and only slit down the slide once and a few seconds on the swing. After which she demanded us to take her for a walk. I could see that she's not feeling happy. Must be feeling disappointed.

After walking for a while, we went to the big field where groups of youngsters are playing football, caption ball, etc. Grace wanted ball, but we had forgotten to bring ours. No choice but to borrow from others. She played a while then demanded "nen nen". What choice do I have? When to the car and hubby took us for a car ride. (we could not leave the place yet as we are waiting for mother in law whom had went hiking). After the ride, Grace seems to heal from her moody-ness. She told us that she wanted to go to the playground. And this time she doesn't want to leave. She must have realised that if she continues to be moody, she will also loose the chance of having fun.

I am surprised that a child this young could show us her moods. Have to give her a big lecture.

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