Saturday, October 18, 2008

Born negotiator or cheater?

I have this norm of going over to my parent's house every week on Wednesday. I will be there for almost the whole day (normally till after dinner) so that Grace could spend some quality time with her grandparents. So, every Wednesday morning I will get Grace ready, take our breakfast and off we go. She will normally be very excited. Why? Cause she had somehow linked fishing to “公公,婆婆,阿姨”(means grandpa, grandma and aunt). She will always say "gong gong, po po, yi, then 鱼". I will need to explain to her that we will not go fishing on every trip. But still she will say "gong gong, po po, yi, 鱼".

Anyway, today's post is not about fishing. It's something that Grace did on last Wednesday that make me slap my forehead.

As usual, on Wednesday (the one that just past), Grace get ready eagerly, anticipating to go over to her grands place. (She normally don't like to hang around the house after she had change into "kai kai" (means outing or go out) clothes. So when I asked her to take her breakfast of bread and milk, she was kinda reluctant. But I told her she will need to finish her breakfast, else no kai kai for her. I also mentioned that both "ma ma" and "po po" want her to finish her food. No choice, she hastily finish her bread and drink her milk. But this time she never finish her milk. I told her to, saying that no going over to "po po"'s place if she did not finish. She refused. I told her the same story again. She refused. I told her the same story again. It went on for a while and she still refused to finish it.

Then she started to shift the tension. She told me to pour the remaining milk into her sip cup. Then I asked whether she's going to finish it in the car. She says yes. Ok with me as long as she drinks her milk. So I pour it into the other cup and let her hold on to it.

Once in the car, I asked her to drink her milk. She shake her head. Half way through, I demand her to drink but was rejected. Gosh...I'm cheated by my 2 year old daughter! How shameful.....

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YD's a little bit of everything place said...

Oh that little Grace! She is such cute little girl but mischievious! :-)