Thursday, October 9, 2008

Throwing rubbish

It's always important that we teach our children to cultivate good morale from a very young age. We have been teaching Grace on manners and morale. One of which was to throw rubbish in the correct place.

You see, we are living in an apartment where elevators are the most important thing for us, for if there's no elevator, then we could not get in or out of our home. Sad to say that, in such moderate class community, there are still people throwing their trash as and when they like. We could see that there are rubbish near the poolside, in the elevators not to mention corridors and car parks!

There are times (in fact almost every time) we could see pieces of paper, food wrappers, cigarette butt being thrown in the elevators. Whenever we see that, Grace will point to these pieces. Mother in law will then tell Grace that those are "垃圾" (pronounce as "la ji", meaning rubbish). Then she will tell Grace that we should not throw our rubbish every where. It should be thrown into the rubbish bin. And walla, Grace learnt immediately. She will point to the rubbish, say that it's "垃圾" then shake her hand, signalling that we should not throw it in the elevator.

Subsequent to that lesson, Grace learnt that one should be throwing rubbish into rubbish bins. She will insist of throwing her own diaper, little pieces of paper, cotton butt and etc.....Good for her!

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