Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Never underestimate a child

Yesterday night Grace was playing with her set of toys, which include a Play-Doh cooking set. While she was playing, she saw one of the Play-Doh "recipe" card. I noticed that she stared at it for some time, then she lift her head and say "roll" then node her head.

A little story on what "roll" means. Now, she had another Play-Doh fun factory barrel set which I kept in the wardrobe. Why did I keep it in the wardrobe? To avoid Grace seeing it and asking to play with it all the time. Why "roll"? When playing Play-Doh I taught Grace to roll the "doh" and make things (i.e spaghetti) out of it. So whenever she wants to play it, she will say "roll".

Ok, now back to the story. As it was quite late last night, I told her, "Not tonight, we play tomorrow, ok?" She node her head.

Morning came and I was thinking (to myself) that I will let her play "roll" later in the afternoon. But Grace thinks otherwise. After finishing her breakfast and one of the Hi-5 episode, she ran to me and say "Roll". Gosh....she still remember that I promised her last night. What choice do I have? Let her play lor....

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