Friday, October 10, 2008

Once a mother, forever a mother

"Once a mother, forever a mother"...this is such a true notion. Being a mother is really a lifelong journey. Hmmm... thanks to hubby...I need to correct this notion. "Once a parent, forever a parent!

In our everyday lives, we could see that once a person become a mother, she will sacrifice her everything for her child/children. Her body shape ~~ being pregnant for 9 months, her time ~~ spending almost all of her time teaching and playing with her child, when she's not with her child, spending her time thinking of her child, her sleep ~~ waking up at night to tend to her baby, her favourites ~~ forgo eating tit-bits, letting her child take all the good things, and many more other things. These are things that any mother (parent) will do.

A mother will always be caring for her child even after they are married or even after they are with kids. This same mother, will then become a grandmother, caring for her grandchildren. This grandmother will then become a great-grandmother and caring for her great-grandchildren. The cycle goes on and on and on.

Today mother-in-law and I went to meet up with the interior designer. And YES, we are renovating our new home and will be moving in very soon. Anyway, as both of us will be actively involve in the discussion, I asked the favour of my mom, whom willingly agreed, to help with taking care of Grace. So for the whole 2 hours mom was there entertaining Grace with lots of stuff. She took Grace window shopping, then back to the show room. In the show room, they did quite a lot of things. Mom showed her those drawers in the kitchen cabinet and then tell her what those drawers are for. Then she test her, asking her which drawer is for which. Grace had a great time pointing out drawers. After being bored with the game, they played cooking game with the display of pots and pans. Grace sure had a great time!

See, a mother raised her own daughter, and now taking care of her granddaughter, with ultimate joy! Thank you mom!

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