Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy weeks....

My church will be holding a Children Holiday Camp this coming Thursday to Saturday. It's a 40 person kind of day camp for kids in the age group ranging from 4 to 11; although we do have a few whom are only 3 years old. I have always been involved in children ministry, so there's no exception this time.

Though the camp won't be starting until this coming Thursday, we have had several meetings months ago, and I have been busy with tasks weeks before.

Some introduction on the camp. This camp is a place where we will teach these kids Bible stories, most importantly the gospel. Other than story telling, there are off course lots of singing, game and crafts! Besides, we are also holding a graduation night on Saturday for the parents to come join in the fun. Thus, there are needs to teach these kids to perform every kind of performance for their parents. There will be singing (with action), mini sketch, dancing, instruments and many more. Beside the performance, this will also be a night to recognise the children's effort during the camp. There will be prize giving as well for the Role Model and Craft competition. And because this is a camp for children, we will be giving out attendance gift for all who attended the 3-day camp. Not to forget the graduation certificate!
Well...why then am I so busy?? Earlier weeks, I was searching high and low (well sort of) in the Internet for crafts that suit the different age group that we have in the camp. Then last week I was busy with the preparation of the presents.

For the attendance gift we had been giving things like pencils, toothbrush, glue, other stationery in the past. As I was thinking of what to give this year, it came to me that though we had been taking group photo during the camp, we had never distribute it to the kids! So, I suggested that we distribute the photo to the kids, but just that? Nope, distribute the photo in a DIY photo frame.

I went out with Grace on last Monday to get all the stuff. Craft foam, glue, card stock and glitter pen. Then on Monday night itself, I started off to work on the photo frames. With Grace around, I can only do limited things in the day. Though I have my mother in law to look after Grace for short intervals during the day.

So for almost every night last week, I engaged myself in cutting, designing and putting the frame together. I had to do it after putting Grace to bed. It was like 10pm at night. Thus, I had to "burn the midnight oil" to get all these done. Had been consistently sleeping at 2am every night, from Monday to Saturday. How many am I making? 42 pieces. I guess, if I wanna do all these, I will just have to sacrifice some of my sleeping time as well as blogging time! Another lesson on sacrifice.

After so many nights of hard work, I finally finished off the last bit yesterday night.

Here's some of my favourites and my "working station".
<-----my working station----->
<--every frame is unique,my favourites->

This coming week, I will be busy preparing for the story telling and the camp itself!

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