Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Teaching Grace to read

During my confinement, my sister-in-law Jessie, introduced me to a flash card system by GD Resources; "How to raise an intelligent child programme". Actually, before then I already heard of flash card system and is planning to invest in one.

So during that time, I search in the Internet for more information and for dealers of the resources in Penang. Later on I invested on 2 sets of Ready-To Read Kid, English and Mandarin respectively.

I started on the programme immediately after the purchase (and off course after reading the guidelines....grin). Then Grace was about 2 to 3 months old. I wanted to teach my baby both English and Mandarin at the same time. So there are 10 cards to flash at each session, 5 for English and 5 for Mandarin.

When Grace was little, she will look at the words while I read it aloud. That was how the flashing session started. As Grace grew, the flashing sessions turn from easy to harder and then harder. She started to want things her own way. So I have to do things differently now. Instead of sitting opposite her, I let her sit on my lap and then flashing the cards while pointing to the words. It worked....but not for very long.

So, I have to find another way to attract her. This time, I let her sit opposite to me and I then put one of the cards on the floor in front of her. When she reaches for it, I read the wordings aloud. It worked too! She enjoys collecting all the cards.

It then came to a period where she refuses to even look at the card. Whenever I wanted to show her the cards, she will just look somewhere else, mischievously. Or she will just lie down on the floor or bed! to proceed? how to proceed?!?!? I can't force her, because even if I flash the card, she will not pay attention. So I take it easy with her for a few days, and then a few weeks.

Until recently, I started on the cards again. This time, she is cooperative. She will look at the wordings and even make signs or point to the physical item of the wordings. least she learns from it. Every time I asked her if she wants to read and look at words, she will node and follow me to the room where I keep the cards. At least, some progress.

Till now, I am still clueless on how many words she could recognise. She just refuses to talk even now at 20 months! I guess I will just have to be patient.

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