Monday, August 11, 2008

Watching Olympics

I was surprised to see that Grace loves watching sport events. These few days we had been watching live Olympic games and Grace joined in the fun and cheering. She is attracted by swimming events, fooball, volleyball, badminton, and anything that do to with ball and swimming pool. I guess it's the pool that she's interested in.

Today afternoon I wanted to go off to Tesco to buy some stuff for the coming children camp in our church. I changed and came out to the living room to get Grace, whom was watching a swimming race then, changed. To our surprised, she refused to get changed.

So I took my bag and keys and walked straight to the door. Seeing me leaving without her, Grace immediately run to me and said "Xie?" (means shoes?) in a questioning tone. She was actually telling me that, she do not have her shoes on. It seems that going out of the house supersede all!

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