Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swimming, swimming, swimming!!!

Well, swimming is one of the usual activity that we will have twice a week. Grace loves swimming a lot. In fact, you cannot mention "游泳" (swimming) when you don't want to go swimming. Else, Grace will be jumping around asking to go swimming.

Every time when I ask, "Do you want to go swimming?", Grace will node her head over and over again, then she will be super happy. Nowadays, she will say "yiyong" (swimming in chinese is "you yong", so she pronounced it as "yiyong"). Once she gets changed into her swimsuit, she will happily wave to her grandma saying goodbye.

Today we when swimming and we also did 9 turn on the water slide. I could still remember the very first time when I introduced the water slide to Grace. It was like 2 months ago (I think).

Back then Grace immediately shook her head after one try on the slide. Then the next time, she requested it herself. And from then on, she was in love with the water slide.

You see, the place where I live is already like 12-13 years old. So the water slide is a little old. Plus, sometimes the water on the slide was not on the full run.

On Grace's second try, only one side of the water was running. Imagine slit down a water slide with limited water. Huh.......I need to push us down with my both hands! With the weight that I am in, was hard work. And this Grace asked for it over and over and over again.

Luckily the water is running at maximum level now. Else, I will have muscles in my arm!

Once we reach the end of the slide and into the pool, Grace will node her head , signaling to me that she wants another go. She's really in love with the water slide!

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