Friday, August 1, 2008

Good dinner wrapped-up our Shanghai Trip

**this is a post for Thursday 31st July 2008

Well, well, well....our almost 2 weeks stay in Shanghai is really coming to an end. All those shopping has also tired us and we are becoming broke!

Initially we wanted to stay at home, having dinner and watching the final episodes of a chinese drama (宁为女人) which we had been watching for the past few days. However, early morning today, Jessica's parents called, mentioning that they will be treating us dinner tonight. Wow.....

So the day went by. In the morning we went to Carrefour again, for unfinished business. Mom bought some clothes for friends while I only bought a Crayola twistable crayons for Grace. Talk about the crayons....I must say that luckily I bought it! Real good quality, easier to use and not messy at all!

In the afternoon, Amos (little baby) "went" swimming in their own little pool in the bathroom. What happened when Grace sees it? Hmmm....she wanted to go into it also. So both the babies went into the pool and "swim". Amos had a short one cause he's already starving, while Grace played for at least 30 minutes. It was fun!

Then, in the evening we went out for dinner as planned. The dinner was at Tang Dynasty Restaurant. It's a big, big, big restaurant. The restaurant has a 3-storey dining area. The ground floor is the lobby area with receptionist and storage of life seafood, first floor is an open dining area with lots of dining tables of different sizes and the second floor has numerous VIP and SVIP dining rooms.

There's no elavator, so we had to walk up the staircases to the second floor to one of the VIP room. Jessica ordered the food and before long, food is served. I really have to compliment Jessica. She made the right choices on food and we had a really good dinner. Not much meat, but everything is just so delicious. Even Grace enjoyed the dinner.

And tt was so, the last dinner we had in Shanghai and this rounded up our stay in Shanghai.

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